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Being versus feeling

There is a lot of talk about what we need to do to be happy, successful, wealthy and the list goes on. 

So often there are lists from research or what others have found worked for them, and in many instances, people try to follow some of those things in the hope they too will get the same results. 

We have found, in so many instances, it actually leads to the opposite, as often they feel alien or even too difficult to engage or uphold. The byproduct of this can be disappointment, or shame from not being successful, or self doubt increasing and self worth lessening. Losing hope can creep in, where you begin to feel unable to find the way. 

We see this cycle of engaging at the core of the pattern that is moving us further away from our physical and mental wellbeing, and something that is critical to break free from. 

We discuss how heart based living tackles this differently. It shows a different way of investing your energy, which ultimately leads to your personal growth and capacity to depend on you, to choose what is best for you. 

We explore some of the simple practices to help move you there. 

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