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Scam – poetic expression

‘Scam’ – a word that arrived and unfortunately nowadays, is something that has meaning for many of us have experienced in some way or other.

What does it conjure for you? It could be a noun, a scam of some sort. It could be a verb, to scam someone or to have been scammed. Sometime a scam comes in different forms. The point is when something leaves us with a feeling of being fooled or swindled, it can cause us harm in different ways.

Have you ever felt you’ve been scammed?

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘quickly’

Hope to see you there.

Scram scam

This was the moment when

I became suspended in time

A sudden thud

My stomach dropped

My privacy has been breached

Deceit, intrusion

Outside my control

Me a no-one a nobody

I’ve been compromised

Without permission

All because my data has been looted

I never thought this would happen to me

Details I provided in total trust

Double identification put in place

Looks like that wasn’t enough

I’m mad

I’m sad

I’ve been scammed

Since then I’ve come to realise

This is how the world will be

No longer safe from social media thieves

I’ll be threatened for my remaining years

It seems that in entering this space

I’m defenceless to racketeers

I have no option to opt-out

No ability to defeat or delete

These bloody profiteers

Even Governments are under attack

Brought down by computer hacks 

Faceless men and women hunting in packs

Searching for vulnerable innocent targets

Who haven’t got a chance to hack back.

PJR    14.11.2022

Scammers be free

Hi, I’ve lost my phone

Can you send $$ to this account

Hurry please!

Hi, please settle your invoice promptly by clicking on this link 

Hi, who is there?

Hi, Amazon here

Please call this number urgently as there are problems with your account

We can fix it by installing team viewer on your device and letting our tech do the work

Hi your superfund here

Go to this link to get bigger returns today

Hi! Get in to cryptocurrency today

Do not miss out on the amazing returns

Make your dreams come true

Click here to get started


The truth? One way to see it…

Hi, we want to rip you off

We are relying on your kindness, trusting and sometimes greed to pull this off

We do not care about you and what affect this robbery will have, we just want your money


How has it come to this?

Where kindness and trusting is punished?

Where millions of messages can be sent for next to nothing

Preying on the unsuspecting

Where the carriers and networks turn a blind eye to these mass messages/calls?

Where even a small % of who responds makes it worth it

Where those harmed are often damaged for life

Time to ban the scam!


How kind…

She shared about the payment eligibility

How kind
She hasn’t seen me for such a while, amazing she thought of me

 How kind 
She called me dear, she showed so much affection

How kind 
She wrote about how her funds were delivered to her door 

How kind 
She said they would do the same for me

How kind 
Grateful that she led me to the website to fill in some details 

How kind
Very easy as someone was there to help guide me through 

How kind 
They helped me take a photo of my driver’s license, it was a bit tricky

How kind 
They explained to receive the large amount, I needed to deposit just a small amount

How kind 
They even gave me options on how to pay the small amount 

How kind 
They followed up with me and explained when and how I would receive the money 

How kind
Or blind? 
Just why? 
Do they try
To pry 
Be so sly 
Make me cry 
Such a sham 
Another scam 

TLaB 14th November 2022


Walking along the coastline

What a beautiful sight

Brilliant by day

Peaceful at night

Another day, another world

So much turmoil to absorb

Too much information

Unbelievable, untrue not happening

How does one contemplate the biggies in life

An incident can happen, never to be changed

Feeling unreal, devastating, traumatic

A scam so overwhelming, how do you deal with that

Just walk along that coastline

Maybe to ease your plight

Brilliant by day, peaceful by night

14th November 2022

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