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Candle – poetic expression

‘Candle’ – the role it has played in our history and our evolution. So many rituals that involve them and gifts brought through them. What stands out for you?

Stories that involve a candle, are many… Do you have any? What feelings arrive with them? What does it conjure for you?

What a wonderful image that can take us to so many places, to explore, question, imagine, feel and express.

Something so simple, yet so expansive in many ways.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘scam’

Hope to see you there.

Candle Light

The candle flames invites me in

The warmth of colour

Flickering dancing drawing me out of my secret dreams

Those erotic fantasies now unlocked

Checkered tablecloths

Lips touching electric static shocks

Fingers caressing on soft velvet skin

As food wine and music sings

Such deep down peace that this joy brings

Moments of bliss again lives

Alive real for awhile

Taunting unbridled desire

Trying to find that lost smile

Then as the flame stutters

Fighting to keep alight

Its light is snuffed out

Like wisps of trailing smoke

Leaving ripples of my emotions

Gently flowing in and out

They eventually disappear

Hiding again in my secret dreams

PJR    7.11.2022


You light this taper here with matches 
And then what? 
You go and light the candles on altar 
How many? 
Well this is just a Mass so just the 2 on the altar 
Just a mass? 
I mean it depends on the service 
What do you mean? 
Well, let me see… there is; 
High Mass, 
With Maundy Thursday, Good Friday 
Holy Saturday, 
Easter Sunday ….  
Wow!…  there’s a lot 
How will I know what to do in each case? 
Just ask 
Father Price 
How old are you? 
You will learn, in time… 

I get rostered on to a 7am mass… only me… 
I am nervous… lots of what-ifs… 

The church, it’s dark, quiet, echoey and a bit spooky 
At least there is a light on in the sacristy… 
Right light the taper with the matches… 
Where are they?… 
Oh wait, need to put on my Cassock and Cotta first 

Good morning Father 
…and you are? 
Um Nige
Have you served before? 
Um, n-no Father 
I see… 
Any questions? 
Um, I was told to light 2 candles… what about the red one? 
Do you know what the red one means? 
No Father 
It means that God is present… so it must not go out ok? 
Yes Father 
Also, except, for when holding the plate for communion, never look back at the congregation… 
Supposing there is danger? 
Not even then 

Right, now to light the candles 
Phew first one done… 
The second one is tricky… the wick is not up… people are watching…what if it
will not light…? 

Phew it took… hope it does not blow out… 

The red one, over there is not too bright… maybe God is sleeping…. 
If that goes out what do.I do? Does that mean God is dead… no, he cannot die… I hope he wakes up for the Mass… 

They’re done… all candles present and lit…  

If I was 3. I wonder if I would be allowed to blow out all 3 for my birthday…?
No….not the red one, however maybe  I could blow 2 out…  

Hang on, I am 6…I do know my 2 times table, 1×2=2, 2×2=4, 3×2=6…. So…
maybe I could light the 2 candles and blow them out 3 times… that could
work… except… I have already had my birthday and blown out 6 candles so… 

The candles look nice… 
I have just realised… 
I am serving on my own…  
I also have to do the bell…  

How exciting… :)  (NRS)

Gone is the flame

Walking into the cathedral 
to light a candle for a loved one, 
I was reminded of 
a cold dark 
And winters night…

With a clash that crashed
And blacked out our sight 
With a candle that brought the light, 
the mesmerizing dance of the flame 
Entertained my mind 
My heart and spirit 
As one, it became 
In that moment there was no shame 
No nonsense of the life game 
A resonance quite tribal 
Not religious like a bible 
More a kindred love 
Flying wings of a dove 
A feeling deep through the ages 
Where there was freedom 
Not like today’s cages 
A heart connection 
Deep introspection 
My soul mate near 
Nothing to fear 
A knowing growing 
My pulse exploding 
Grateful to see 
They’re here with me 
My ‘twin flame’… 

Now arriving at the alter 
to look deep into the flame 
I am horrified! 
What a shame 
It can no longer be
Flames now replaced 
with a battery…

TLaB 7th November 2022

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