Quickly – poetic expression

‘Quickly’ – what does it conjure for you?

This word led us to delve into new territory with our expression. We each used the word or the meaning of the word differently. It once again drew out themes that related to life. It had us explore feelings about things, phenomena and way of life. It’s amazing the power of a word.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘naked’

Hope to see you there.


We set off for our walk and talk

Always preceded by our coffee treat 

Flat white for me in a take-away cup

Double cappuccino or macchiato for my mate

The wind is gusting from the west

Bringing rain, we quickly get wet

Scrambling under the seaside canopy

We seek protection from the threat

Soon to settle into our weekly ritual

Our Sunday morning catch-up chats

This fickle spring weather springs another surprise

The sun decides to peek out from the flying clouds

So we set out again for our walk and talk

Not too long after setting off

My mate calls for a toilet stop

He reappears and beckons to me

As I approach I see his pallor has paled

A concerned anxious look upon his face

He asks me ­­–Are you squeamish?-

As he turns and sits down on a bench

As I sit beside him I say I’m not

He offers his arm to me –take my pulse-

I take his wrist and let my fingers search

His skin is soft to my touch, his pulse beats

Slow fast slow it stops dead

It starts strong again

Slow fast slow it stops dead

It repeats its cycle once again

When I speak he agrees

He must go to emergency

He leaves immediately

I’m home when he texts he’s arrived

I don’t hear again for quite awhile

He’s been released and is heading home

He doesn’t share with me any facts

I sit and wonder what I should do

So we can resume our weekly catch-up chats

It seems all I can do is await his next text

To let me know when we’ll meet next

PJR    21.11.2022

Quickly-let me explain

To do something quickly
Is it more haste less speed
Or a myth built on greed?

Let me explain…

How do we know it is quick?
Do we compare it with a record?
Or a someone’s time to move toward?

Let me explain…

Is a 100 words per minute typing quickly?
Well, I can achieve typing that dense
However, it would not make a lot of sense

Let me explain…

If I run quickly past someone, am I faster?
I mean it may not be ‘quickly’ if they are walking
Or if on their phone they are talking

Let me explain…

Is eating quickly, finishing a plate before someone else?
I may have had less, I may be in a rush, the other person may be savouring
All possibilities to be weighed before favouring

Let me explain…

If you have to move quickly to fly
How come a passenger plane coming into land looks so slow
And a swallow being passed by that plane appears fast as it dives low?

Let me explain…

Quickly as an adverb
Can be misleading
Or can be relative
To a sedative
Or compared to another
Place, time, person
However if compared to a benchmark
It may look a bit stark


I’m getting there

What is it? 
That feeling of needing to get there

Where’s there?

Travelling through traffic lights
Before they turn red

Getting home
In time for the show

Gulping food down 
Without chewing it around

Fitting in more 
Such a flaw

Crossing off the list 
Never getting the gist 

Another milestone 
With many a loan 

Reaching the next age
Entering another stage

Walking past dreams 
Entertained by memes 

Searching outside
For a faster ride 

In the next space 
Of the life race

Moving ‘quickly’
Through moments, days, and years 



TLaB 21st November 22

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