Remove the mask

Remove the mask

This title may have lead you to feel this expression was about COVID, however it is actually about another type of mask: the mask we wear on our faces and whole selves, that protect or hide what truly lies within.

A mask that somehow affects your ability to see, feel, hear and sense as the whole self.

As I read more about what is happening around the world around themes such as abuse, bullying, inequality, homelessness and more… I am hearing the statements over and again about the need for empathy, listening and caring more.

I realise that it is not as easy as you ‘just have to empathise, listen and care more’.

Why? To do these things is not about learning how to and inserting them into your life more.

These are not ‘things to do’ rather outcomes and the bi-product from the deep feelings within you.

So how do we get this feeling? Real feelings that touch us deeply and guide us to find our human connection and what matters?

How when…

our bodies and minds are distracted by busyness, anxieties, stress, unhappiness, dissatisfactions lack of fulfilment?

when we are practiced in presenting with ‘masks’ that hide or cover what is our truth?

when we are unaware of how to express our truth and feelings in ways that are not harmful to ourselves or others?

Is there a how?

If it does not come from learning and doing, how does its arrive?

When we look around us, at leaders and individuals who display this natural empathy, listening and caring, something noticeable stands out…

They do it with feeling and express with honesty. They draw from what is real from their own experiences and are prepared to let us see behind the mask; to what is real for them and their true intention.

And this is of course not easy!

The transition to this, often painful to begin… OUCH… being exposed, ‘what will people think?’…

Realising however, it is the key to letting go of the mask.

So if you are investing in moving to ‘seek’ over ‘hide’ your truth, it’s a great path to realising there’s nothing actually wrong with you…

So how?

Perhaps begin with an intention to go on a journey; to notice your feelings, express your feelings, make some conscious choices to move away from what and who is holding you to your mask, and towards who and what feels freeing.

Join us as we move in this way… back to our selves.

Warm regards,



you may choose community engagement / projects as part of that journey – see here

or a self discovery program – see here

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