‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’
– a Life Changing, Personal Development and Improvement Program –

What do you want for your life? To feel happy, fulfilled, free to be your true self?

How do you feel about how you are living your life?

Our ‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’ Life Changing Program awakens and inspires you to connect more with your heart to discover your potential, passions and true self, bringing a natural caring and ease to more moments.

Please click on the video below to hear more about the program: 

No matter where you are at now; your age, stage of life, situation you are in or how you are currently feeling, this program can help you find your way to real caring for you as you head towards what you seek.

Engaging in the Find the Way program, with a little and often approach, you can begin to rediscover you and your passions, explore the possibilities within your community, create meaningful connections.

You may be…

  • looking to rediscover yourself and your passions
  • wanting to awaken to see, feel and do things differently
  • looking to further develop and improve yourself
  • looking to create a new direction for your life
  • seeking  more happiness and fulfilment in your life

This program approach is based on an abundance of ancient wisdom and research supporting the heart’s crucial role in bringing wellness / wellbeing to the whole self, which is at the core of this program.

Now may be a great time to awaken,  open your heart to a new way of living, adapting to the evolving normal and making choices in your moments, situations, relationships and life for your true happiness.

This is a heart-based personal online self help program that gives you therapy anytime. You have lifetime access and support along the way.

If after watching the video and reading the frequently asked questions you wish to get started you can go straight to the shop by clicking here or if you prefer, you can book an initial consultation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

This online life coaching program promotes heart-based choices, to care for and improve relationships with yourself, others and the environment for wellness and wellbeing, where your true happiness and fulfilment is based upon how you feel in your heart rather than what you have. It begins the journey to really caring for you, and moving from the obstacles and situations you previously thought not possible.

This life coaching program consists of interactive modules and monthly facilitated zoom sessions. There is no pressure to complete in a given time,,. it is for you, at your own pace and in your own time.

AUD$529.00 for lifetime use of the program plus access to monthly online general support zoom sessions and caring community.

Please note: concession fees are available according to your situation and what you can afford.

Everyone, at any stage of life​. The program will have relevance at all stages of your life, now, tomorrow and in the future, no matter what you are going through or what challenges you face.

To get started click here where you will be taken to the shop, where you can add this program to your cart, register and pay. You will receive a confirmation email and you can get started straight away by click on my account details in the menu..

If you prefer an initial consultation click here where you can purchase one for AUD$50.00, This consultation aims to answer any queries and share more about the program

Yes, we have an initial consultation available to purchase from the shop, here. This consultation via zoom, explores  your current situation, needs and wants and any specific and general issue for you

The program provides experiential, organic and dynamic learning opportunities. It caters for a range of learning styles with a combination of visual, auditory and sensory content, tools and experiences, which aims to bring about awakening, resonating, inspiring, practicing and triggering a range of emotions, and provoking different thoughts and ways of seeing.

The program provides you with a pathway to enhancing and improving your awareness and senses towards your heart and caring, to you noticing, expressing, choosing and being more empowered as your authentic and natural self. You may develop a comfort of being with yourself, others and the environment, This can lead to more ease, happiness and a fulfilled way of life

What are the themes within the program?

  • issues around pleasing others, holding on to beliefs/hurts/legacy (personal/organisational)
  • relationships – understanding, behaviours, responses
  • making improvements to the self for emotional intelligence, wellness and wellbeing
  • difficult behaviour patterns, addictions and habits
  • breaking cycles of unhelpful patters of behaviour
  • reading situations and moments through improved awareness and intuition
  • making tough choices
  • letting go
  • true and healthy expression including speaking up, emotions, choices and decisions
  • ‘knowing me, knowing you’ – really knowing our true self and others
  • helpfully supporting self and others
  • discovering the leader within you and others
  • reaching through the past to understand the why
  • reducing overwhelm, decluttering and putting energy where it matters

We know that time is at a premium and the ‘Your Business, Your Life’ Program provides a way to further develop yourself and your business in a flexible way online and with monthly support sessions available. Click here for more information.

Our approach is tailored to match particular circumstances/needs and includes:

  • a flexible delivery model using an internal or external facilitator
  • a questionnaire/survey with individual/aggregate results
  • experiential modules for employees and leaders
  • an online appendix show the research behind the heart-based approach and how benefits the whole self to improve performance and contribution
  • the opportunity to apply the learnings to organisation structures and systems.
  • pricing to take account of the numbers and scale
  • mentoring for internal facilitators to maintain the approach

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This program can be offered as a valuable support to your services.

Contact us at: info@realtimeheart-based.com​ ​

This program recognises and acknowledges that (EI) emotional intelligence based learning e.g. about life, relationships etc. is very different from other types of learning e.g. educations, tasks etc. 

Emotional intelligence-based learning is individual and influenced by many factors including who you are, how you have arrived to this point with all you have experienced and all you feel and want deeply for your life. 

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