Naked – poetic expression

‘Naked’ – what does it say to you? Where does it take you? Naked; a term that could apply to things that are no longer disguised or covered.

How do you feel when no longer in disguise? When you are just as you are?

Have you ever been in that position?

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘temptation’

Hope to see you there.


The stop and start of engine sounds

It’s the rubbish collection truck

outside my home on its rounds

a hydraulic arm plucks the bin

depositing the contents noisily in

the whining compactor making more space 

readying it for more household waste

moving further down the street

delivering an echo as it retreats

leaving me to wheel my bin back in.

Were it so simple with my thoughts

to chuck them out without remorse

to be dumped onto a mental landfill

where birds and vermin can prey at will

or recycle them and get a deposit back

or unpeel them and use them as compost

or even drop them off at an op shop

so others can try them on or not.

Another possibility for my musings

could be to strip them naked

nude thoughts could be amusing

unclothed laid bare exposed

all my lumps and bumps disclosed

then again some may find this disturbing

all this nakedness can be a bit concerning

maybe best to join a nudist colony

where everyone shares their physiology

however I must admit on reflection

clothing myself provides protection

still it doesn’t matter the choice of my dress

I retain my power to allow my inner voice

to express my naked thoughts without duress

PJR    28.11.2022


I used to feel that nakedness was about clothing 
I had been indoctrinated, early, with the story of Adam and Eve’s
The events of “rules”. “temptation” then “deceit” and “shame” which led to the leaves
I realised that this is the nature of humans and the rest
We have learnt to feel civilised by covering up
Not revealing all of who we are and what we have
Being naked can lead to vulnerability or ridicule
I want to feel more free to show and express
All of me
So all can see
Who wants to
Who I really am
What I bring
All that makes my heart sing…


Centre piece…

 I walked into the room
Excited by what was ahead

It was time for fun
The last hoorah before the wedding 

Painting trays ready 
Easels in position 

We were ushered to our spots
I wanted to be where I could see the lot

Important to capture it all 
Especially that I’m not that tall 

And there before my eyes 
A naked person belied 

Natural and calm
Elegance and charm 

Nothing awkward or cold 
More a beauty to behold 

It was so nice to see
That nakedness could just be

No hiding, flaunting 
Taunting or needing reporting 

Just a body as it is meant to be
Unaffected by eyes that can see

Grateful for the parts 
The wondrous art 

So, it was good for me 
To observe what could be

Because you see 
Deep down I want to feel free

Live just as I am
No cover or glam 

Spending time on what matters
Not feeling shattered

Because after all… 
It’s just a scar 

TLaB 28th Nov 22 

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