Page – poetic expression

Page was the word for the week. It was a word that took us to different places, all of which once again made way for learning about ourselves, others and the world around us.
Through words we share how we see the world, and it helps us to realise how we use words differently with our expression.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us. Or pass it on to someone who you feel may enjoy and gain from this approach.
See you next week with the word ‘question’.
Hope to see you there.


My life book is open
As I flick through the pages
Some of the writing has faded
Even gaps between paragraphs
The words have just disappeared
And are no longer describing
Some past events experienced
I find the last recollection
Where yesterdays’ words ended
I’m now faced with an empty page
Ready to be filled of what I did today
I wonder if tomorrow
I’ll see what I had to say
PJR    17.06.2024


Another day

Today I turned the page
Of another day of my life
So far this book
Has 22,894 pages
Each day that I have lived
Has told a different story
It started out many years ago when I was unaware that I was in my cycle of life
Each day from there, a blend of living my day and understanding how to fit in
Striving to survive, to showcase myself to be seen and heard, to share my talents
Feeling my way through the maze of noise that I heard growing louder each day
Taking me further from nailing what I was seeking
Until I took the time away to see from afar
When I became the author of my book and each page began to tell a different story
The story of me and the changing view I see
Grateful of this cycle of life I’ve been given
Now with moments and the freedom to choose where I put my energy
No longer abducted by the noise and running to be part of it
Rather creating an original story based on the true character of the lead lady,
Who’s in the room?
Listening to the words of those who took control of the show
She could sense their anger, hostility, control
Enforcing what they wanted her to know
She knew another way, however was never included in the discussion
She could not understand the mindset of those looking to close her down
She quietly surrendered, to the mindset she found
Her inner knowing and feelings not heard
How absurd that with her size and stature, and gentle presence
That such love and intelligence is no defence
So for as long as people are given the licence, free reign
To enforce pain for personal gain
There still remains…
Many sensitive elephants in the room…
17th June 2024

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