Question – poetic expression

Question. How do we use questions? A question although defined as a way of accessing and acquiring information, we know a question can be laden with many other intentions. Some that feel helpful, some that feel harming.

That’s the thing with language, on the one hand it gives so much, and yet it can also take from us. That’s if we allow it. I suppose the key is noticing more about how the question presents itself, and taking care with how it settles in you.

What are your thoughts?
Where does the word take you?

If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us. Or pass it on to someone who you feel may enjoy and gain from this approach.
See you next week with the word ‘space’.
Hope to see you there.

Right or Wrong

In an instant
I was indecisive
Not able to comprehend
Left to struggle alone
With how I would reply
To cut off my choices
Tell the truth or lie
The lie arrived
Without much thought required
I was willing to comply
Truth seemed so far away
Yet somewhere in the depths
Of my heart it spoke of another way
I decide to face the truth
And live with the admission
Reason does not have to be a compromise
In how I will live and survive
That moment stood still to reveal
Where my responsibilities need to be
That overpowered the power of subterfuge
No going back. Make the decision
Setting me on the right track
No longer cloaked or buried
In a shadow of who I might be
Without the regret of being compromised
I will honour my birthright
I’ll fight for what I know is right
PJR    24.06.2024


I am Ready to Ask More

I used only to do the things where I knew the answer in advance
But this trip made me start to like uncertainties
To ask questions which I didn’t know how the other person would respond
It was very uncomfortable at the start
I don’t know her that well
Shall I still ask her for a catch-up?
What would she think of me?
We just met today
Is it ok to check if I could join their bicycle journey tomorrow?
Many times before I pushed the button
I had to persuade myself many times
It is ok
You are just checking
To not leave regrets in the future
They can always say no if they don’t want to
What’s my end result?
Four trials
Zero rejections
What a reminder
How beautiful the hidden gift of uncertainties
Deepened friendships
Exchanged journeys
and many new stories and precious moments to record and tell
They are the shining diamonds of my trip
Thank you
And life
You made me realise there could be so many more possibilities in front of me
If I dare to try and not afraid to fall
I believe
I am ready to ask more.
XQZ    24.06.2024


No More

As I listen to this lesson
I fail to understand the question
being put before the class
My answer must make some sense
Without wanting to look dense
I delve into the meaning of words
that I cannot understand
It’s hard to really concentrate
To make my answer clear
Just when I think I’ve got it right
Oh No! Another question!

24th June 2024

Social Transformation

Nuclear power
Domestic violence
Cyber crimes
Profit by greed
Artificial intelligence
Mental health

What questions are we asking?

“Questioning dominant narratives and challenging the status quo is a vital aspect of social transformation.”

Linda Martin Alcoff
Latin-American philosopher & professor of philosophy

24th June 2024

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