Elephant – poetic expression

Our word for the week was ‘elephant’.
What an amazing animal. So much to explore about them. What do you know and feel about them and what they bring?
Once again, it brought us opportunities for creative exploration, have some fun, and interesting discussions.
We hope you enjoy these poems, and what the word ‘elephant’ brought out.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘elephant’.
Hope to see you there.

Jungle Jazz

Such a fine musician was Beard
his reputation was revered
He hated being called
Jumbo or Dumbo or Claude
and would sound his trumpet
to warn others of his discomfort
In his downtime from his herd
you’d be amazed by what you’ve heard
that is his passion for playing Jungle Jazz
because his creative trumpet added such pizazz
To the musical group he has won respect
that has come from where you’d never expect
On bass is Barry the baboon
tinkling the ivories came Muldoon
a giraffe who is psychotic and photogenic
Least but not last on drums is Pathetic
a lioness who keeps the beat
with her claws that’s some feat
Beard and his Jungle Jazz band jamming
together they shared music that was enchanting
PJR    10.06.2024


Who’s in the room?

Listening to the words of those who took control of the show
She could sense their anger, hostility
Enforcing what they wanted her to know
She knew another way, however was never included in the discussion
She could not understand the mindset of those looking to close her down
She quietly surrendered, to the mindset she found
Her inner knowing and feelings not heard
How absurd that with her size and stature, and gentle presence
That such love and intelligence is no defence

So for as long as people are given the licence, free reign
To enforce pain for personal gain
There still remains…
Many sensitive elephants in the room…

10th June 2024

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