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Temptation – poetic expression

‘Temptation’ – this was a good word to explore as it really led to some relevant life themes we are facing in our society today.

When you look the notion of temptation, many things in our history and evolution have been significant in the nature of the temptations we often face in our day to day lives.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘eerie’

Hope to see you there.


The feeling of anticipation

Sets me tingling with expectation

(Walk away, fight this urge 

Purge yourself of this emotion)

No. go away let me be sated

I promise just once more

(Right you’ve said that before)

Too late it’s now in motion

You know I like it complicated

(More like intoxicated)

I want this exhilaration

The thrill of liberation

There’s nothing more exciting

Than this experience so inviting

This deep down driving dive

Into my depths of self-fulfillment

(I might lose you this time

Unable to bring you back)

That’s alright I’ll still be alive

Without your support I’ll survive

This is my moment of gratification

I’m going to give into this temptation.

PJR    5.12.2022


Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil… 
Was and is the oft church prayer after the canon vigil

The whole world seems to be in temptation mode
To buy this or join that
To fix this or cure what ails
To turn a thing into a want
Then into a need for sales

I remember being driven through Amsterdam
And on a street, people were window shopping for prostitutes
Going past the windows more than once

Crypto-currencies and other get rich quick schemes abound
With well know celebrities making the promotional sight and sound
Conflict of interest is murky
With many getting their hands dirty

Many temptations can turn into addictions
Binge-watching had me viewing one season of stranger things
in one day with little more than food and bathroom breaks

Chocolate has been a perennial temptation 
and has been a companion for many years

Some other temptations I have let go of
Including cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine
Once the ‘cool’ attraction of them and the ongoing harm really sunk in…

To ask in a prayer for an omnipotent
To not lead me somewhere that I will need to repent
Takes the onus 
Of something I have
I just need to feel it
Practice it and use it

What is that?

It is….


It’s not your time to shine

Hey what is that?
If I just move over here a little bit
An insect, fly, tadpole
Perhaps I’ll catch it… 

Oh no!
Wait for me, 
Don’t leave me behind, 
Slow down, 
I mean there’s so much here to see

Back with you all feels good too
Mum knows what to do,
A little reprimand to toe the line 
She lets me know
It’s not my time to shine

Still too curious
The temptation of food
Leaves me lagging again
I can hear my mum’s mood

Wondering why I can’t abstain 
And be like the others in my family 
They know how to play the game
For now…

But will they survive 
And find their food 
To stay alive 
And be curious 
To take the deep dive 
In time…?

Will I? 
Or will my curiosity be waned 
From being refrained. 
Made to conform 
To be uniform 
And not be me 
To roam and be free?

Well, I just have to wait and see 


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