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Small Business: Is it all really just up to me?


Small Business Owners: Is it really all just up to me?

If you are a small business owner, what lead you to create your business? 

It might be good to jot down your reasons and the gains you were looking for. 

This can be helpful because often, as you become more involved with all that is to be done with the business, you can easily forget or disregard your reason, as you take steps and make decisions in the day to day. 

For example it may be that you want the freedom to create your own way, or to have flexibility around how and when you work, or grow and build something more, or lead others, or employ others, or use more of your skills and talents… 

These reasons are likely to have brought you the strong pull and energy to take the leap towards becoming a business owner. 

You might however have found that when setting up, establishing, building, training, learning, operating your business, in the day to day… you were / are still faced with many issues, challenges and dilemmas, and the reasons you had up front, may have moved to the background or not been held to account. 

How does it happen?

For many small business owners, most facets of the business operation and the service, rely on the small business owner. 

There’s the finance, the record keeping, accounting, legal requirements, ongoing skill development, training, hiring, marketing, networking and then there’s the decision making and choices, reading the climate, adapting and innovating, all while conducting the service. 

The many so called ‘must do’s’ being advised on all fronts, can lead to an overwhelming situation, where there seems no other way than to stretch yourself ‘thin’, wear yourself out and become the servant to the rules being placed on you as to how to tackle the functions required as a small business owner. 

The point is, any facet of your business operation can welcome greater knowledge and understanding e.g. knowing more about accounting packages, can better guide you to what is best for you. 

There may also be the issue that moving to know and understand more can become all consuming… leading to growing confusion, and time and energy spent on something that may not actually be needed. 

Here lies the point. 

Often we believe we have to do it all, that doing it will make the difference, and if we don’t we are ‘behind’ or it will somehow affect business, or we will miss out, or we will be doing it wrong, it will be the reason for things failing… and so the story goes.

We recognise this as the spiral, going deeper into what appears to be fixing something, when in fact is moving you further away from what you want or what may be the better way forward. 

Most often you are not aware that it is happening or may not believe you can do things differently. 

It is so easy nowadays, with the influx of information from so many sources, to have you believe or feel compelled to do as others do or say, to get the ‘results’. 

How do you know? 

When the ‘trap’ (in business and in life) is to keep look ‘outside’ for the ‘fix’ and move further from your own real and authentic path. 

So how do you break this cycle, as you look to gain success in both your business and life?

We see it is time for us all to take the journey of disruption from these traps and regain ways to keep the small businesses alive and thriving through the thriving of the lives of the small business owners. 

We know that wellbeing is not done to us. And yet it is likely you have ‘done’ wellbeing as another ‘should do’ in the past, where it feels like another ‘thing to do’ which is often a struggle to fit in, due to an already busy life. 

We recognise that wellbeing is felt and those feelings arise from the nature of what you are in and experiencing. 

We see the way is coming back to the self, your greatest guide to your truth, your knowing. 


Some simple awakenings and discoveries, that have you see things differently, feel things differently leading to you do things differently. We know to ‘move against the tide’ in this way, will be a small and steady approach to maintain the focus and intention.

We are community of sharing how we make these adjustments and support each other along the way.

Join in the conversation on the first Wednesday of each month (see more here) at 7:30-8:30pm ACST, or direct zoom link here. 

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