Magic – our poetic summary

We all agreed there is so much what could be termed as ‘magic’ within what we experience and how we live each day. When you think of the intricacy of the natural world around us, the beauty, the synchronicities, the capacity to renew, grow and change, it’s truly incredible.

What creates a sense of magic in you? From the simple to the grand, from the quirky to the profound, so much magic to observe ‘out there’ and within us, in words, nature, music, art and….

Once again, many lovely stories and expressions, and sharing during this session.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘pet’.

Hope to see you there.


our magic began at conception 
as the first organ to grow
It’s the heart at this inception
to supply the nutrients to flow
into our body that holds
the beauty of our humanity.
This magic journey that unfolds
as we discover our identity.

Helping us along our way
is a little known secret at our core
residing in our heart hidden away
is a little brain we should not ignore.
For in here resides emotions remembered
all the good feelings giving so much joy
cossetted away never having to surrender
to the ego that the big brain uses to destroy.
Our heart-brain full of memories
Can be unlocked, flushed out readily.

In Appreciation of what we have so far achieved
being Non-judgemental by keeping in the flow
and Forgiveness of self and others deeds.

From this rich pathway our little brain will grow.
Then meanings straight from the heart
will have more power than rational thought
for within this gift we can begin to start
a more fulfilling dialogue and rapport
with our inner warring selves.
A chance for the heart to now support
new ways to identify with ourselves
new pathways to deeper understanding
that the magic of our heart-brain
will lead us into being more demanding
in the ways we behave to be humane.

PJR    8.08.2022

Magic in a button

The impossible happened 
Or so it seemed
The day I conducted a session at a workshop 

I met a lady before the session 
Squeezed her in at the table I was on 
Little to know she would play a role 
In a matter that would later unfold

My session was on posture
Chin in – body aligned
Chest up -lungs free
Chillax – centred and still 

To show how to feel open and sharp 
Like a tiger with its prey
Lock and load 
Eyes focussed, ready for the day

Each participant could feel 
the centred state within
It was a button that I gave them
A reminder that brought a grin

The irony that day was
While I gave out the buttons 
I lost a little white button on my shirt!

How could that be? 
Such a funny sight to see 
They all did agree

I thought it was gone for good 
Until driving out of the carpark
That evening, the lady I had met earlier 
Ran out, arms waving, smile so broad

What was it?
Well, we both couldn’t believe 
Guess who found my little white button? 
It was she!

It was like magic 
That something so small 
Could be found in amongst it all 

It felt like such a special day
The way it turned out 
I must say… 



These are a few of my magical things…

When it rains 
After weeks of dry
when something wonderful happens
without the need to try

The sound of water
trickling down a stream
In my imagination
and flying in a dream

When a baby is born
And it grips my finger
Walking through a garden
where flowers’ scents linger

Hearing children’s laughter
and excitement
Feeling free
from any confinement

Being with my children
And having fun
With all that they are
and hope to become

When bees buzz
collecting the pollen
When the shirts that I wear
are made of cotton

The feeling of joy
as people work together
Making a difference
to a world under pressure

Falling in love
and finding that it is mutual
Watching birds of paradise
in their mating ritual

Watching a butterfly
land on a flower
Sailboarding on the sea
feeling all of its power

Watching a sunrise
Over the horizon
Cleaning my apartment
effortlessly with my Dyson

Seeing the sun go down
from the beach
As it moves on, 
another hemisphere to reach

Enjoying a movie
With all its emotion
Playing music,
not ’The locomotion’

Looking up at the stars 
and the full moon
Bathing in water
until wrinkled like a prune

Reading a great book
Loving all of its components

Living life to the full and 
present in all of the moments

Achieving something
With the joy it brings
These are a few of
My magical things

So will you take this opportunity too
To consider what magic is, for you?(NRS)


Strolling through a carnival 
Feeling rather low,
Stopped a mo to watch a show
My goodness, a magician

Card behind the ear
Bouquet under the scarf
Abra cadabra, a rabbit!
It’s all a trick, magic

Feel a little better
A spring in the step
Moving on with my day
Could it be the magic

A long awaited time for me
Doctors rooms are near
Fearsome of the outcome
Dread to know my fate

As I walk from the room
Out into the cool crisp air
Elated with such relief
Good news I want to share

Briskly pass the carnival
Bouncing along, that spring in the step
No trick for me, true magic
It really does exist


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