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When you think of the word ‘fog’, ‘being clouded’ is often referred to and this not only refers to the physical climate, also to mental and emotional states.

What causes the fog / cloudiness in your life? Perhaps a stage of life, such as in later years, when stress is upon you, during chemo treatment for cancer, with trauma.

Once again, many different ways to utilise the word ‘fog’ into expression. Lovely the diversity and sharing during the evening.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience the journeys these short pieces can take you on.

The next week’s word is ‘magic’.

Hope to see you there.

Frog, Dog, Fog

Anger sadness frustration
I’m lost in an identity fog
There were those magic times
When I achieved an inner symmetry
Through my words I would use
When I could write my poetry
The stories in verse I had shared
Thoughts and feelings
Inferred or outright bared
And now the fog descends yet again
Its cruel blanket falls each morning 
Every dawning I begin my mourning
No matter how hard I try to stay
My mind drifts further away
No longer aware of who I am
I could be a frog, a dog in this fog
Like a snail I leave my trail
A pathway leading I know not where
Yes I remember my name at times
And sometimes I forget the signs
What they’re supposed to mean to me
Tendrils of my past fade in and out
Faces and names float about
Seeing the surprise in their eyes
When my memories decide to slide
Lucid moments coming less often
Past behaviours now forgotten
Becoming a mysterious soulless shell
I could be a frog, a dog in this fog
As I plod my way towards the final bell.

PJR    1/08/2022

Two Brothers

 Waiting at the airport 
Waiting to arrive


The memories of the last time 
Thinking about when we last met

Over 20 years 
Seems like a lifetime

Anticipating the embrace 
Wondering how it will be

Pounding in chest 
Butterflies in stomach

The darkness moving into morning 
The sunrise in sight

Visibility low 
Can’t see a thing 

Not long to go 
Nearly there

Before the scheduled arrival 
Before landing

Announcements over the PA system 
The hostess announces

Can’t quite hear 
Lots of background noise

A sudden sense of fear 
A feeling of disappointment

Dense fog oh dear! 
Is it safe to land? 

No other planes near 
Planes changing course

All diverted can’t believe it! 
Oh no, a change of path

The long-awaited arrival of my brother 
The long-awaited visit to see my brother 

It’s not to be 
It’s going to have to wait

Must wait a little longer 
Hope it’s not too long

Emotional drain 
I don’t complain 
Just can’t contain 
How excited I am to 
See him again

TLaB 1/8/22


There it is, 
the fog and the distortion
I cannot clear my mind to feel
I cannot see clearly through the murk
I cannot tune in to any of my senses
What is this that I am in?

When I was a child, I could see the light
Believe in the magical
feel immortal
be free to play
feel everything all around

But then as I got older
the light dimmed
the senses and feelings became dull and then
… non existent
the joy replaced by the fog
the senses by introversion

How then to recover,
to feel and sense again?



No time for regret, guilt or shame
My thoughts are set
Huddle in a corner
Can’t see forward 

Staring at a narrow path
Darkness left and right
Encircled by a thick white fog
Drowning in my plight

Alas! This cannot be
There has to be more 
Fail to comprehend
The meaning of an end

Swirling in the fog
Thoughts are tormenting
Consumed by fear
Is the end near

Hearing that there is no end
Always a beginning
Finding incentive to contemplate
A pathway of the mind

Is in the moment the answer
With this strength anew
It’s not an issue day by day
When the horizon feels far away

As the fog lifts
How majestic to feel
There is never an end
Till the end

CCon 2/8/22

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