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Pet – poetic / prose expression

It was lovely having the word ‘pet’ this week, that journeyed many of us into our past, remembering and feeling the many emotions associated with a moment in time with a pet, we or someone else, owned.

Actually the nature of the stories, said a lot about ourselves. The way our pets became our pets, what they brought to us and our lives. It became evident that our pets brought us some form of discovery and learning about ourselves and relationships.

We hope you enjoy these expressions about pets and more. Where does this topic take you, and what does it bring to reflect on the word ‘pet/s’?

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘oasis’.

Hope to see you there.

Pet Luv

A group of us where at the park
Fred the Red Setter made us laugh
He shared a story from his past
He was around one and a half
Still training his human pet in his
Preferred game of catch and fetch
The poor soul couldn’t throw 
A ball to save his life
So Fred would hide the ball
The pet would cry out –Where’d it go
And Fred would give him a look
That said –I don’t know.

Some new arrivals have wandered by
Sniffing around and wagging their tails
Welcoming our new friends
Terry the Terrier
Daniel the Spaniel
And Col the Collie
We gossiped about human follies
And how to keep our pets in check.
Simple steps on what to expect

Making sure we get fed right
Resting them as best we can
Even when we’re dog-tired
Dropping our head on their lap
In order to catch a short nap
Allows them the chance to pat
Seeking their reward they deserve
From carrying out their daily chores

At days end when we all head off home
We all agree we have trained them well
They’ll never suspect they’re under our spell 
We don’t expect humans to be a threat
As a dogs best friend they make perfect pets

PJR    15.08.2022

Bubbles the Beagle

When she arrived 
Without doubt
I did regularly shout… 

So many mistakes
Temptations too great, 
You’d be surprised at some of the things she ate…

There were boxes of chocolate, 
the fish, the cheese, 
If you please! 
There was protein powder,
Bread and butter, 
Dips and crackers, 
And Turkish delight
We discovered one night!

And yes… more mistakes 
For goodness sakes…
How did she survive?
The fall from the car at full speed
Escaping from home 
Along the main road
Stealing the watch, 
The lipstick and the purse 
We didn’t think it could 
Get any worse

Until the wallet disappeared, 
‘Must have lost it at the shop’ we thought
Replacing credit cards, and more, 
Was such a chore… 

Then one day 
She dug up the evidence 
To play with the money 
And let’s just say, 
She knew to stay away!

But with all her quirks 
Her boisterous, loud spurts 
She became a beautiful lady
If at times, a little crazy

Entertaining and witty
She was so pretty
And over time 
We formed a connection, so fine…

Despite being daring 
She was also so caring
Always making way
For little Jazzy to play

When Jazzy passed away 
Anxiety and sadness
Came her way
Broke my heart, I must say…

Now since she too, is over the rainbow bridge
We miss the stories and troubles
From our beagle, 

TLab 15/8/22

Precious Pets

As Walter emerges from his home
Settles on my shoulder
He’s my companion, best friend
A treasure with wings

Now whistling Roll out the Barrel
Phone rings, hello! hello!
What a delight to the day
To hear Wally at play

Settling on the blinds
Nibbling away as I see them fray
Not a treasure at the moment!
Oh- look at those engaging eyes

Breakfast together, porridge today
Now whistling Jingle Bells
Wally, get a grip
Not Christmas yet

As he settles on my shoulder
Gives me a little peck
Nuzzles my neck, nibbles my ear
No wonder he is so dear

With such fun and smiles
In the course of the day
So much love and affection
What more can I say

CCon 15/8/22


She sat on my lap 
Stared in my eyes
There was love and trust
Nothing disguised

A paw so gentle
And full of love
The touch so kind
It came from above

The lifetime of fun
Since it was born
The relationship building
The bond so strong

She has no judgement
No expectation
Loves attention
Brings so much joy

I am left wondering
After being apart
Why cannot we all
Live from the heart


My Pets

Driving along on a dirt road in the car with the girls in the back
When suddenly Tania yells” Mum, Mum stop the car.”
“Why, what’s wrong” I asked
There’s a galah running down the road “It must be hurt” was her reply.
So, I slowed further along, I stopped and before I could look behind, she was out the car 
With a towel in her hand chasing this bird down the road.

Thinking to myself she’ll never catch it
Calling her and saying “You’ll get run over” but sure enough she caught it,
Had it wrapped securely in a towel.

Here’s me thinking where we are going to keep it?
We had the bird for about 6 years. 
Loved Tania and John but disliked Belinda and myself.
I was the one to feed, cleaned out its cage, but once you let the devil out
It attacked, latching on to the base of my skull, so the only time it was let out of the cage 
was when I wasn’t around.

Had a pet pig named Jetson, her ears instead of pointing forward
they pointed backwards.
When I was outside, she would follow wherever I went 
looking to see if I had any tip bits to eat.
To pen her up at night all you’d have to do is rattle the bucket
Jetson would come running knowing it was feed time.

I have never been without a pet during my life until the last 6 years
Would dearly love one, but I don’t think I could give it the attention it deserves

LM 15/8/22

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