Fluff – poetic expression

Fluff. Certainly a different word to express about. Once again, we realised there are so many ways this word can be applied. It was a lot a fun, talking about lots of fluff, and how fluff exists in our life.
The great things is with a word, it can take you somewhere you may never have imagined, and that is what these sessions bring.
We hope you enjoy some of the poems related to the word ‘fluff’.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
Our next session will be on May 27th at 6pm.
We have decided to challenge ourselves by combining 2 unique words into one poem.
Those 2 words are ‘sunset’ and ‘detergent’.
Hope to see you there.


Huff and puff all you like
With those off the cuff
Snide sarcastic wordy stuff
Love is not being tough
Or feigning being rough
Stop treating me as fluff
You’re here and that’s enough
PJR    6.05.2024



There’s something about fluff
It is intriguing
Filled with bits of anything
Usually nothing in particular
That comes together
To be given its name
Yesterday …
As I scrolled away
I watch and listened
To a whole of it

TLaB 6th May 2024

Fluff it

Oh! Another blunder
Or is it, I wonder
Stepping along the path of rules
Being told what to do
Guidance would have been the key
May have learnt more about me
To feel the mood of misery
Happiness also, woopie!
If one has confidence to make a mistake
Imagine the aura if you don’t
Fluff yourself up, hold your head up high
Strut your steps out as far as the sky

6th May 2024


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