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Window – poetic expression

‘Window’ – a great word to reflect on this week. So many ways we use the word window, and quite significant with meaning and application.

It could be taken from so many angles to explore, and it was lovely to hear the way in which we each travelled. What is a window? What does a window show? What does it bring? What does it enable? What types of windows are there? What is its function?

No matter which path we take in the exploration of these words, it has us uncover more about life, our lives, culture, language and phenomena and more.

We hope you enjoy these expressions. Where does this topic take you?

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘table’.

Hope to see you there.


Lost count of the scenes I’ve seen
Through window panes down the years
From cars trains trams and boats
So much I’ve gleaned inside and out
My forehead resting on the glass
Passing objects towns and shacks
So many images of the past flashback
Standing sitting kneeling lying down
I’ve witnessed a passing of time
Windows blocking out sun wind and rain
Bringing comfort warmth security
Helping to reduce outside noise
Dampening down neighbors chores
Or others who loudly want to entertain
Having the choice to close my blinds
Concealing my life from prying eyes
Not being seen and scrutinized
Maybe my eyes have given me a lesson
Not to be so open to every person

PJR    19.09.2022

My window…

No matter what time of the night or day 
My window offers such an amazing array
of delights that I can really say 
Help me to pass the time away 

There’s the energy of the storm clouds 
A wonderful sight to see 
Releasing showers, with such power 
Lucky there’s distance between them and me 

And the fog over the city 
Not a building to be seen
Hard to believe, anything exists 
A polar desert – so it seems 

And the sun setting over the west 
A perfect blend at the edge of light
Bringing a familiar colour delight 
feels like magic such a sight

Then there’s the birds flying to and fro
In flocks and pairs 
Dancing like they’re on show
They’re incredible you know

And the ducks that wander here and there
I hold my breath! Do others care
and leave a space for them to cross
the road, with love and the ‘fanfare’?

And the vibration of the wind and rain 
piercing through the gap
Sounds like it feels… 
A cold harsh reality slap 

Bare trees holding their ground 
Others swaying around
Creating swirls and twirls 
As they whirl… in it all 

Then there’s people in the neighbourhood 
Their stories come alive
When they drive out at night
And when they arrive 

Their mysteries, and tales
No secrets kept 
Screaming loudly, so inept
One night, I just wept

There’s those who walk their dogs 
Talk to frogs, not really – it just rhymes 
Meet up with friends 
The cycle never ends… 

And the city lights at night 
Majestic to say the least
A skyline that comes alive
An expansive twinkling feast

And the moon that shines so brightly 
Pops in to say hello 
With a luring force over me 
An inner peace and warm glow

So… as I isolated this week 
In bed and between sleep 
My window filled the gap 
Prevented me from the boredom trap

That is possible when you get the COVID crap

TLaB  19/9/22


What goes on behind the curtains 
As I hear the worst
The screams, the anger
It is getting more terse

For some it is their look out from where they live
From a room they have shrunk to
Based on their age and capacity 
Of what one can do

‘Is that Uluru‘?
Says a child seeing out from a plane
The captain tipping the wings
for the scene to remain

Under the oceans
Where wildlife move
Fighting dirt and pollution
For nutrients to survive

When looking at the moon and stars
Are they looking in as we look out
the beauty of that expanse
That I want to travel about

Viewing the contents 
In a jar on the shelf within
Helps me see what is there
And if my salivation begins

Driving in the heat
On a bitumen road
Seeing the sky reflected
In the haze as it flowed

We look through lenses 
to magnify or change
Words, diagrams, people, objects
To sense better and arrange 

Holding a hand up 
to block the sun
Shows the veins, bones, ligaments
Moving as one

I can see your heart
As I look in your eyes
The kindness and love
The truth, the surprise

I catch myself
In the mirror
How I’ve changed
As I get nearer

Without being able to
see through and contain
Within the world and ‘verse
We would miss out again and again


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