Toast – poetic expression

‘Toast’ – the smell of or the sound of, which way do you go wtih this word? Once again, the amazing way in which a word helps us to express how we see the world, and how to creatively express what matters to us.

While not all poems are presented on this page, we enjoy the work of many other contributors, and they all help us realise the beauty and diversity of what a word can bring. It is truly amazing and a privilege to experience what lies within us; the memories, the feelings, the creativity, the unfoldings.

We share and explored many life topics and themes once again. Such an interesting and open way to learn and experience a night together.

What does the word ‘toast’ bring up for you?

We hope you enjoy the range of poems presented.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘paddock’.

Hope to see you there.

Make a toast to myself

As a content creator,

the two hardest things for me to learn are how to not care too much about my work
and how to manage my expectations, because…

Last weekend,
I spent two and a half hours editing a two and half minutes video from two videos (6 minutes in total).

I didn’t expect it would take that long,
maybe because I did really want to do it well.

But I was happy with the ideas coming along.
For example,
the lady in the video loves nature and enjoys all the ups and downs in life now by
getting in touch with her heart,
so I added the bird chirping sound effect and a moving hearts emoji to the
transformation part of her video.

But when I sent my final product to her,
I waited and waited,
finally, she replied to me,
“It was amazing, and I sent it to Nigel and he loved your edit.”

Ok, she said it was him, not her who loves my video.

Disappointed and upset.

Is it because I spent a lot of time and energy on this,
yet didn’t hear what I wanted to hear?
I still,
I am still that girl who wants to hear others’ approval or praise too much, especially
the ones I care about.

But are those opinions really that important?
Can I get what I want to hear every time?
Can I guarantee?


So, from now on,
why not learn to make a toast to myself before sharing my work with others?

Wish I could bloom not to wish for how many bees I could attract,
but for yourself only,
so I can realise my potential and inner artistic soul.
As long as I was committed to my work,

and giving 100% of my heart to the art I was creating,
that is enough.
Because I have used my creativity to contribute another unique piece of mine to this
Isn’t that beautiful
So be proud,
and keep growing and thriving.

XQZ 8th August 23

Fill your glasses

To the beautiful bride and the groom

‘Viva gli sposi!’

Fill your glasses…

To the purchase of your new home
To your new car

To the baby announcement
The gender reveal
To your first born
To their baptism
To their first birthday
To your next children

To your new job
To your anniversary
To your birthday

To the graduations
ELC, kindy, school, university and more

To the engagements
To more weddings

Time comes around so quickly

Over and again

There’s this and there’s that

Another celebration in tact

Always ready to pop the top!

It’s ongoing, there’s no stop!

So many things to toast in life

Events, events, busyness rife…

So much champagne,
A liver in strife…

“Viva gli sposi’

TLaB 7th August 23

The day begins

Multi and wholegrain bounce out together
Whee… off we go into the slot
Mmm… feeling warm and fuzzy
My seeds are humming says multi
Wholemeal is beaming

With gleaming butter like a golden coat
We shine upon the plate
Here comes the bacon and the eggs
We compliment each other

Seeing the smoke, to our dismay
Whitey has turned black
Straight into the bin, oh dear!!
So sorry to have seen that

Now up pops Whitey all golden and new
With Vegemite and cheese
By far Mary’s favourite
An absolute certainty to please

Ahh the colour, ahh the taste

None of this will go to waste
No snap, crackle and pop here
You can’t beat the smell of toast

CCon 7th August 23

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