Eerie – poetic expression

‘Eerie’ – what is eerie to you? What do you see? How does it feel? For some of us, it is not somewhere we want to go too often, as it can bring up more than we want to face.

As we discussed in the group, while it may be good to get out the deep hidden fears inside, to survive the traumas from dark moments, may be better not to revisit too often.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘surprise’

Hope to see you there.


Walking home that night 
full of fright 
For in darkness 
I fear 
who is near 

I know of the dark path 
That many do embark
Who knows how it starts? 

My mind plays games with me 
I can hear footsteps 
Can I flee? 

Paranoia setting in 
Heart racing around
In this moment I hear 
a very eerie sound 

A scream, a cry
Someone rushing by 
A panic coming over me 
I want to close my eyes 
I’d rather not see 
What’s around those trees 

But I’ve nowhere else to go
I hope for a flash of light
To settle my breath
And relieve this fright

Now things are pounding 
I’m in need of grounding 
Nothing nearing 
Not even a clearing 

I’m ready 
Keys in hand 
I’m feeling steady 

Darkness deepening 
Even more creepy

Hang on what’s that? 
A huge relief
It’s a bat! 

TLaB 12/12/22


Is eerie
Or just gorey

For me
Is strangely

not cleary

In a cemetery
It comes on strongly
When bats fly
With noise screechy
The night ghostly
Shadows move closely

When I am sleepy
The night can be creepy
Even dreamy
I call out a bit screamy

So eerie
Is a bit spooky
In a movie
Or a bookie

I prefer to live lightly
With eyes brightly
Rather than frighteningly
And darkly nightly


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