Surprise – poetic expression

‘Surprise’ – it was no surprise that this word, used frequently in our language, brought much variation with the direction of the poems this week.

For some a ‘surprise’ can be an uplifting experience while in another situations, it can feel quite the opposite.

How do you feel about surprises? When is it welcome, when is it not?

As we delve into each word, we are certainly taking ourselves in to places we may not otherwise express about or share.

There’s certainly something powerful about this type of expression, and plenty to learn about yourself, when read your expressions out loud.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The word for our next session is ‘tea-bags’

We will be resuming our sessions on Monday 9th January 2023.

We hope to see you there.


There is no surprise
My past is impacting
On my current disguise

Creating doubts in my mind
Of the decisions I have made

As the years have passed me by
Unpacking sights and sounds
Places spaces faces
Smiles tears fears
Mistakes recollections
Ignorance bias discriminations
Naïve vulnerable promiscuous
Lies misdirection’s manipulations

There is no surprise
My past is impacting
On my current disguise

Love laughter exhilaration
Achievement self-improvement
Recognition proud inspiration
Confidence fulfilling aspirations
Dreams realized satisfactions

Creates doubts in my mind
Of decisions I have made

My behaviors rise and fall
Questioning my indiscretions
Broken promises imply
Emotionally I have lied
Hearts feelings ruptured
Fed by self-corruption

There is no surprise
My past is impacting
On my current disguise

PJR    19.12.2022


The joy was in her eyes 
You could see it was a surprise
How time flies

Once upon a time
A wind-up ballet dancer with a chime
Or a Barbie would be prime

Later  there would be glory
In making up a story
While she fell asleep with Tori

Then there was Snuffles
Followed accidentally by Truffles
– Her guinea pigs with ruffles

Through all her years
There was excitement and tears
For everything, anything,  no fears

I love her emotion
She fully and truly expresses with commotion
With it all, she brings her energy of the ocean

So, now it is a job
A real passion , not to rob
Not getting it, she will no doubt sob

No matter what
She will give it a shot
Without getting in a knot

For everything that happens is a surprise
Which often brings her smiles and cries
There is no disguise
Of her loving heart, caring; she is also wise

Whatever is guided from the universe above
She will always have my love xc(NRS)


It was while on a walk in the Illawarra
That the glowing millipede appeared 
It wasn’t what Scott Kemp was looking for 
A glowing scorpion was the draw 

It was while at the tattoo artist 
That the tip was shared
‘Those scorpions are out there’ 
Try again if you dare

With neon lights his passion
Scott was keen to pursue 
So out bushwalking again 
Into the night he flew

Yet again with a black light 
Further out he ventured
annoyed again that it was millipedes 
instead of the scorpions that ascended 

But little did he know
That their bright blue glow 
Was a significant find
For a millipede of that kind

For bioluminescent millipedes 
Had never been shown
To exist in Australia 
Only California was known

While out that night 
Scott met up with David Finlay 
A photographer with a passion 
What a delight he did say

It was such a surprise 
These bright blue millipedes 
A native species of this land
Became a discovery so grand

Now this wonderful phenomenon
Caused by
Symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria 
Can now be protected 
Not damaged or affected


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