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Tears – Poetry 1.3.21

Tears – poetic expression

Within each teardrop my universe is revealed

Droplets blossom, flowering pain, sorrow and loss is freed.

Weeping in a sun-shower causing peace

A thunderstorm of emotions are released.

As I try to replay my fears.

There’s joy in this excretion action

A purity in this cleansing reaction.

Not all tears come from disaster,

There are moments of joyful laughter.

Splitting sides of cheerful mirth

Gasping, shacking for all it’s worth.

The beauty of this waterfall

Lies in being human after-all.

PJR       1.03.2021

We’re free to share tears when we are young…

Tears of laughter

tears of joy 

when in pain 

the tears flow down 

How do we know 

what the tears are for? 

we look to the heart 

right in the core

Tears can be from tears 

in our happiness strands 

or from a loss 

which no one understands 

Tears and stare 

use the same letters 

They both use the eyes

But they have no l’s

Tears give us a way

To show dearly

What we wish to express

From our heart clearly

So, what can we learn

from all this expression?

Is not to hold back and

let tears fill the ocean 


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