Conscious Watching

After bringing conscious buying to my consciousness, I began to think about a conversation I had with my daughter last week around how much attention media gives to the horror and what that actually does to a community.

My trail of thought led to another conscious action; conscious watching.

What do you watch?

If the media is fed by those who watch it, then… Do you feed what you don’t want to see?

If the answer is ‘yes’, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s probably another of those subtle, incessant infusions that we hardly know exists.

And for that reason, I thought – let’s be more conscious.

The challenge is ‘how’?

I know there are likely to many ways through policy and environment that this could start, however I’m always on the lookout for something I and everyone can do each and every day…
And I start with being more conscious and then explore that to help with my choices.

So perhaps start your exploration with a question…

‘What am I watching?’

Is it a SMART choice or a STUPID choice?

Here’s where I’ll share my version of SMART and STUPID.

Is it a Shining light topic, Moving you to do meaningful and compassionate actions, Activating feelings to inspire harmony, Reinforcing responsible for humanity, Timely and balanced approach

Is it Sensationalising and dramatising, Tempting you to hate or distrust, Urging you to act out of negative emotion, Promoting an aggressive primal survival instinct, Instilling images that provoke fear, Demeaning of others.

So for me, I am more conscious with what to turn off, bypass, avoid eye contact with and also engage, connect and contribute to other things.

Perhaps conscious watching is something we can unite to do more of and see where that leads.

Let’s share SMART things…

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