Recognising the joy from watching the clouds was the inspiration for this week’s word. And once again, something unique was triggered in each of us. How lovely to hear the expressions around where the word took us, and from there, the opportunity to hear different points of views and ways of seeing the world. Clouds conjured up images, thoughts, smells, sensations, childhood memories and more. As we know, there are no wrong or rights with poetic expression. It is a time is to sit back and open your heart and mind and appreciate the beauty of diversity and honest expression.


‘I feel on cloud 9’ was often used
To express joy or elation
That has become infused
With our child-like celebration

As a child I was fascinated with what was above
I wanted to go ‘where no child had gone before’
I noticed a cloud flying like a dove
I felt the beginning of universal law

So many clouds I cannot quantify
Move and take shape
I look and ask how and why
They so beautifully form the universe’s landscape

It could be a metaphor
For the life I lead
Of what it is all for
Of how I could be freed

I could go where the wind blows
Living moments as I change
Absorbing the energy and love that flows
From meeting others that are in range

Imagine being that free
To go with your heart
To any place and be truly me
That is where I want to start

I used to lay on the grass
Look up and watch the sky
For dragons, dogs, unicorns that pass
In 3d as they go  by

So thank you universe for the magnificent clouds
And all that they bring
That benefit our world
Releases my inner child and makes my heart sing



It’s good to see the clouds in the sky,
sitting watching them hurrying by.

Look hard enough and make,
faces and animals in their wake,
see it all vanish within a blink of an eye,
scurrying, scurrying, scurrying by.

Where would we be without the clouds,
no rain to water gardens, wash away
soot and leaves that clutter paths and gutters.

LMol 25th October

Nothing stays the same

Sometimes clear
with no fear
no sign or trace
or truth to face,

Sometimes playful
chopping and changing
hardly aware
of time and ageing,

Sometimes ferocious
dark and looming
so intense
angry and fuming,

Sometimes enlightened
visions sublime,
what an amazing sign
the Devine,

Sometimes silly
I can see clues
animals, faces
passing through,

Sometimes a blanket
heavy on my head
blocking my senses
causing me dread,

Sometimes a relief
much needed infusion,
breaking the grief
a joyful reunion,

Sometimes a tear,
sometimes a flood,
lands with a thud,

Sometimes here
sometimes there
seen or unseen
yet everywhere,

Energy in motion
from above and within
inside outside
where did it all begin?

TLaB 23rd October 21

The black cloud within

The dark stallion rears
Eyes fired, red, full of fears
Hooves beat the ground
Lips drawn back an eerie sound
Head moving up and down
Sweating skin dark and brown
Nowhere to hide, no escape

A sudden jolt I’m awake
A dream so real
Terror I still feel
The sun breaks through the trees
I must dress and seek the seers
An omen I must share
A message from beyond I bear
Nowhere to hide, no escape

Words tumble from my mouth
As the war trumpet blasts from the south
Wise ones what will happen?
Lord we fear there is an assassin
We counsel you to proceed with caution
Keep your wits and take precautions
Nowhere to hide, no escape

The enemy swelling at our gate
A foe within planning my fate
Which one will be the first to strike?
The dangers I face feel so alike
Death is wrapping its dark cloak
Around my throat, I will choke
Nowhere to hide, no escape

My trumpets sound, my troops advance
Brandishing swords, spear and lance
Battle cries ring across the field
Who will be the first to yield?
The enemy trumpets sound retreat
My army celebrates the defeat
Nowhere to hide no escape

This battle I have won
What holds for the other one?
Who is the traitor in my midst?
The black cloud within cannot be dismissed
Someone close trusted, yet unknown
Time to set a trap, time to be alone
Nowhere to hide, no escape

Gentle wisps of voices filter in from outside
The lanterns throw long shadows side by side
Clothing that rustles, sounds of footfalls muffled
All my senses alert, yet soon I’m puzzled
My hand is upon the hilt of my knife
When the scent of rose water announces my wife
Nowhere to hide, no escape

PJR    20.10.2021

Clouds of the Mind

How engaging to be caught up
in clouds before my eyes
White, red, orange, pink
They just light up the sky

Oh look, I swear I see a dragon
Complete with flames, I’m sure
Over there a rabbit,
Mmm, maybe not, a dog?

Oh no! I see a monster
With horns and ugly eyes
A grimace on his face,
Let’s move on- I see a swan
Now that is more my taste

How absorbing it is to be
in a fantasy of my own,
An hour has passed l can’t believe
how the time has flown

As I proceed with my day
I can’t help but feel,
What a lovey place it is to be
Having clouds for company

CCon 25th October 21

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