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When the suggestion of ‘door’ arrived, we knew it was the word! People’s minds started connecting with their own thoughts, memories and stories as soon as the word door arrived. Once again, the realisation that there are so many paths a word can take us. So many types of doors, conjuring up different feelings and explorations. And of course leading to many conversations around life themes. What an amazing way to delve into the world of your own feelings on topics you are hardly conscious of. The metaphors, the direct, the stories, the playfulness, the family memories and so much more. What doors open up for you?


The exit door exists.
To take the last step
through this doorway, walking
into the unknown is a risk.

Yet without this decision
the door to the future
will never be breached.

Indecision is so limiting
The blanket of self-doubt
wrapping us in comfort
afraid of what we’ll miss out.

To let go, walk away and leave
all that we have achieved.

A suitcase full of memories.
Crammed boxes full of stories.
Frameless mental images
reminders of a past deleted.

Not knowing what lies ahead
fills our thoughts with dread.
The undiscovered path awaits.
No-one knows what will be our fate.

When stepping through this exit.
Don’t leave the door ajar.
The lure, the temptation
causes no end of consternation.

Enter the foreign world outside
with anticipation, hope and pride.

PJR    1.11.2021

Sliding doors

The doorway, the opening
To where?

Sometimes the unknown
With wonder I prepare
For a surprise a shock
Do I dare?

Sometimes the dark
The challenges I feel
To face and embrace
Inner strength to reveal

Sometimes to the known
The comfort of home
Familiar and security
Nice to be alone

So the door that is open
To choose what I like

The door that is closed
Curiosity more like

Once painted red,
Feng shui they say,
Can change the feel
Hip-hip hooray

As behind closed doors,
What may truly lay?

The actual truth
Not just here-say…

From smile to rage
How can that be?
A regime, no glee
A mind best unseen

Hiding and deception rife
Not so easy to be the wife

Another day with ongoing dread
That time comes around, the bed

Behind closed doors,
Some do gingerly tread,
Yearning for an open door
To freedom instead

TLaB 1st November 2021

Times Gone By

Over the threshold,
A house shiny and new
Exciting, another moment in life
Begins before you

Working life, years fly by
All too busy, all in a hurry
Children arrive, running in and out
So much energy to share

These days we sit out the back
Enjoy our special times, the front door creaks,
the back door bangs, I’m still thinking,
Must fix that bloody door!

Great memories of times gone by

The children now have their own
They all come running in and out
The door is creaking, now I’m thinking,
Must fix that bloody door!

Kids home late, sneak up the stairs
Laughter, happiness and tears
Sorrow and joy over the years

Don’t notice the creak
and the bang these days,
Looking at the doors of late
I’ll just give them a coat of paint!

CCon 1st November 2021

The door

It slams
It shuts
It opens
It cuts

It cuts?
When fingers get caught
From the slamming and shutting
It cuts, crushes, hurts, then colder water is brought

The opening it can provide
Can lead to the wondrous
Or the opportunity to travel
Just by entering and exodus

Closing can be trapped
As punishment or containment
As Harry found out
From the stairs basement

If it has bars
It can be even worse
When wearing orange
Things can become terse

It is better to trust it
When closed to keep people in
Except when you leave
For the ‘Giant Step for Mankind’ to begin

Even in sayings it is
To ensure as quoted
We do things in real time
Or the horse as bolted

What is this
That is so open, so closed
That may keep us
from being exposed?

See if you can guess the topic
Does it raise the bar
Using experiences, movies and sayings
Is it open, closed or just ajar?


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