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Thank you

Thank you

We often say this word through out the poetry session, and it was great it became an option to delve deep into and express the notion of.
Once again the diversity, the varying paths it lead us to…
What does the word ‘thank you’ conjure for you?
Sometimes the feelings about the words don’t arrive immediately, so if it doesn’t for you, rather than ‘try’ to make something arrive, just let it go for a while, and make way for the gentle messages to be better heard.
Sometimes just through conversation, your feelings and ideas around a topic emerge, and this is really a great way to uncover what lies within you. Whether it is through poetry, art, music, movement or something other, your expression may help you discover more about you.

Happy discovering…


Is thanks a word shortened for Thank You?
People are busy and on the move,
Calling out over the shoulder Thanks as they leave a room

Yesteryear was always  Please and Thank you
as  the younger generation has never heard
but with a Yep, Nup or Ta is usually the answer.

I give thanks every morning for waking up,
just a be alive and smile and to face another day.

There are many thing  to give thanks for…….BUT


LMol 18th October 2021


What do you say?
Thank you…

Thank you for what?

Is it just a habit
when those words are uttered?
And without them
we feel so guttered?

Words we know
may forgive and let go…
Or take the place,
of what’s behind the face…

A poster I just read, that caused me dread…
About how ‘thank you’ can deceive instead…
It read, replace’ I’m sorry’
(For being late),
With a ‘thank you for your patience’,
Left me in a state!

Why cos it’s not the way I truly feel?
Seems like, much of life, is avoiding what is real….

As with Thank you water,
To bridge the poverty gap,
10 years on
Oh dear! Not such a good wrap

Self-indulgent correctness
can change the game
Leading to
a defamed name

In the name of thank you…
They were just words on a page
the undercover
the delusion age

To appease and
And bring moments of

To use and express,
With truth repressed…

For me a thank you,
is from the heart,
A feeling of gratitude, not to depart

So how do we FEEL true thanks
With appreciation for the nuances of life’s

To deeply appreciate
the sky above,
For nature, the birds, and animals I love…
And the ability to feel, hear and see
To breathe air for life, that is free…

Well it may well be
a simple thing,
If you are willing,
To go deep within…

TLab 18th October 2021


I say it to you in gratitude
You say it to me when you’re pleased.
Civilised moments
Polite simple actions,
Are judged as good manners.
Thanks, thank you, I appreciate you.
A sign of respect
To give and accept

A kind word or deed
Is rewarded and its’ free
It comes at no cost
Unless its’ used as a sleight
Uttered to make a wrong a right.
Compliments gladly acknowledged
A beautiful way to pay homage
A gift to each other
A special personal offer.
Thanks, thank you, I appreciate you.
A sign of respect
To give and accept

PJR    18.10.2021


So much on the gratitude list
The moon, the sun the stars
If you wrote it all down
Perhaps the list would be from Earth to Mars
The smell of the blooms
The warmth of the sun
A smile a nod,
The day has begun
So many ways we share gratitude
Sometimes accepted
Sometimes rejected
A genuine formality
At times, in certain situations
Thank-you is just not enough
To go beyond, is difficult to express
such feelings of the heart
My life is changing, rearranging
At times difficult to do
Thank-you for being there for me
Thank-you for being you
CCon 16th October

Thank you…

An infinite spiral could be thanking people for thanking us 🙂

‘thank you for the music’
made ABBA quite merry
However I only included it
To get thanks from Terry 🙂

So…thank you,
what does it mean?
Is it a courtesy
Or a reflex gratitude-vaccine

When I say it in the US
the answer is ‘your welcome’
This feels like an auto-response
which is hard to fathom

Often when someone helps
Or gives a present

If ‘thank you’ does not come
Things can get unpleasant

Why then, the requirement
for this courtesy
When often ‘thank you’
Is not meant genuinely?

Thank you will be said
When we receive terrible service
Or little help from someone
We sought to purchase

or cooking some food
that we would rather not eat
Or giving us something
That feels obsolete
I could go on…

It seems in life
That we have treated gratitude
Like etiquette
And servitude

For some saying thank you
Is on the fringe
While others say it
falsely and cringe

When I say thank you
It is appreciation
For how I feel
About a situation

What others have done
That I can see
With their kindness
To benefit themselves, others and possibly me

If we do things
Only for the thanks
and storing them all
In our ‘Thank-you’ tanks

Or to pursue
the payback road
Forcing it on the giver
As though it were owed

So politeness may have robbed us
of giving without expectation
of thank you
Or other reciprocation

So please let us move
to approaches less tough
Where giving and caring
And the joy of receivers is enough

Knowing that true giving
Comes from the heart
Without expectation or payback
we can play our part.


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