Artificial – poetic expression

‘Artificial’ – where did it take us? It was a word that took us in many different directions. The good, the bad, the ugly it could be viewed, in the eyes of the beholder of course.

Where do you go when you hear the word? What does it bring up for you?

We realised that our inner feelings somehow shine through when we put pen to paper, and how wonderful is that. It often helps us to see what we couldn’t see otherwise.

Next week’s word is ‘quirky’.

I’m looking forward to see what comes from that.

Hope you enjoy the poems, and feel free to let others know they are welcome to be part of this wonderful sharing session.

Hope to see you there.

Artificial Space

Ever since humans evolved
We have existed to replicate
Our species by reproduction
To continue our place
In the natural world.
Each generation adding
To our survival rate
In the complex environments
That we have had to face.
Adapting. Discovering. Modifying.
Growing from experience
Then passing on that knowledge
So others could join in
The continuous learning voyage.
By being together we would bring
Understandings that have built
Communities that survived 
On using their strengths
To embrace the elements
Around them to flourish
In a hostile world
That created distinct
Challengers to be endured.
Then the migration began
Populating and expanding
Across new lands

Adapting. Discovering. Modifying.

Arriving now at this present day
The future of our continuation in
Our survival is being debated
With our ability to create
A diverse interpretation
Of finding the meaning
The-why? – Of it all
Some see the way
For us is to begin 
The next new migration 
Travel into space 
And the stars beyond
To find new lands
To settle and expand.
Others see our answer
To the life/death cycle
Is for Artificial replication
Using our computer generation
To assist us in our innovations
We see those now everyday
Communication devices
Allowing instant responses
To everything and anything
We care to discover or share.
Robotics replacing manual labour
Artificial prosthetics giving
Body parts as replacements
Another step in our expanding interactions.
The continual battle
Of available resources
Causing conflicts for our species
We still suffer from natural disasters
That wreck mass lives.
Wars continue to be fought
Leaving refugees to
Starve from malnutrition.
Gods under different flags
Are excuses for ethnic 
Still within all this chaos
Human beings will survive
And strive to make sense
Of our day to day lives.
How the future deals with
How we presently 
To be humans who outlast
Pandemics. Fires. Floods.
Earthquakes ad Financial Woes.

Adapting. Discovering. Modifying.

Supporting each other
As our human species
Continues to grow.

PJR    20.02.2023

Crossed the line

We crossed the line
We moved from the balance 
of a wonderful ecology 
And just went too far… 

In the name of progress
We leached the earth 
We manipulated the game
And we’re left with the shame

We wanted more 
And opened the door 
To grow and gain
Despite the pain

Can we see the line
Or are we blind?
And cannot see
What we have come to be

I’m not sure we can

Implants are glam
AI the spam 

Robots to go 
Interest rates low 

Chemicals preserve 
Favouritism reserves 

Smiles hide
False pride 

Bionic limbs 
Out to win

Test tube vial
Human files 

More plastic 
So not fantastic

No longer aware
Or we just don’t dare… 


20th Feb 2023

Nothing artificial here

Going to school, work, marriage

Children, grand-children, and so much more

Did I really do all that! how did I work so hard?

Create life! Astounding as it may seem

I can’t contemplate my achievements

All my failures, I sure know about those

Achievements should come to the fore

To my mind, balance is the score

Almost seems fake, unreal

That I could create such wealth in a lifetime

Strong memories when I reminisce

Nothing artificial about my journey

How fortunate am I

CCon 20th Feb 2023

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