Quirky – poetic expression

‘Quirky’ – gave us time to notice the little things, which after time, had us recognise were endearing things, the funny little things, the subtle things that make us smile or warm our hearts.

So often, we hardly know they exist until of course someone expresses what they see and gives us a chance to notice ourselves. Not that they’re wrong or right, it is more realising the subtle differences that bring our uniqueness.

We noticed that the more time we share with others, the more we can pick up the ‘quirks’, so work, family and friendships seem to uncover a lot.

We hope you like our expressions related to ‘quirky’. Where does the word take you?

Next week’s word is ’empty’.

Hope to see you there.


The personal sublime qualities

That sets each of us apart

I might not appreciate

Some of the consequences

Of our individual absurdities

Eccentricities do however

Gives me pause to how we create

Our unique perceptions of our traits

It might be quirky

That a turkey

Doesn’t fly

No matter how hard they try

They are still a bird

Bred to be a different kind

Guess what?

They don’t seem to mind

PJR    27.02.2023


An expected visit, my friend alights from the bus
We will have a great day, I’ll make a fuss
She’s kind, caring, softly spoken
A heart of gold that’s always open 

Purple sneakers, tan leather pants
Black t-shirt with lots of flair
Long dangling earrings, rings on most fingers
To top it all off, rainbow coloured hair!

Upbeat to say the least
You never know what she will do or say

Can give a hug or give you a blast
Friends for sixty years, how did that last!

With jokes she produces I tend to shudder
Wouldn’t take her home to meet mother
On the outside we look rather odd
On the inside like no other

She is on her walker as we stroll on home
I’m in t-shirt, shorts and thongs
They say that opposites attract
For us that certainly is a fact

What a life we have shared
How precious our friendship
Meet my Quirky friend – Nancy

I do love her so

CCon 27th Feb 23


We all have them
Like vegemite with toast and Jam 

What makes us laugh
What makes us cry

Some of our rituals
How we dress
How we eat

Do we notice them?
Do we hide any?

They may be like a pet
that we like to keep secret

We are not necessarily a freak
even if they are unique

It is good to explore
What they all are

We can learn more about ourselves
The why and the what
Which ones to keep and which not…(NRS)


Bubbles the beagle 
My unique companion 
With her daily routines
That brought me a smile 

Unsure of her why
When she stacked up her beds 
Not happy with one, she used three instead
Carefully placed for great comfort and height
Helping her sleep so well at night

In the morning she did rise
Always a surprise
She rattled her bowl
Twirled around on show

Jumped on sleeping Jazz
Always full of Pizzaz 
Downward dog her pose 
With bossy barks 
Til he arose

Then ready for food 
With a distinct pitter patter
In that moment 
Nothing else mattered
Fixated til the routine 
And just like that,
A new day had begun

So, what next?
What could it be
The bin? (Such a sin)
The pantry? (A real win)Not dainty, not saintly, 
Just naughty… and quirky

TLaB 27th Feb 23

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