Stubborn – poetic expression

‘Stubborn’ – the realisation that we name and label to help describe what we see in the behaviours around us. So what does it say when we express something or someone as ‘stubborn’? And what light does it shed?

We engaged some interesting discussion around the feelings that arise from the use of the word stubborn. We looked at how we use the word, and how by determining what is behind the action or the reasons for them, whether it is actually accurate to call it ‘stubborn’.

Then of course, there was the talk around, what defines something as stubborn? Is it about the actual behaviour, or is it about our attitude about the behaviour that shapes the ‘naming of it’?

Anyway, it gave us lots to ponder. What does it bring up for you?

We hope you enjoy the diversity in the way these expressions arrived.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘artificial’

Hope to see you there.


Walking down from my home
Along well-trodden dusty tracks
Crossing dried out creek beds
That long for spitting raindrops
To fill their salty cracks
Brittle saltbushes cling
To soil weathered red.
On arrival at the Post office
That serves as the general store
I seek shelter in the shadow
On the southern facing wall
A Saturday morning vigil
I keep to meet my friend.
Flour, salt, drum tobacco and papers
His packs of Bex powders
His rations for the week ahead.
He keeps his own time
Arriving on his Chestnut
Quarter horse he’s bred
He’s a boundary rider
For a local sheep station spread

At no promised hour
Just when he arrives
Our greetings never more 
Than a few polite words
Mine “Hugger”
His “Mate”
As he descends
From his saddle
Hands me the reins
I do my usual act 
And pat the horses’ mane
I’m ten years old
I’m totally chuffed
Then I hear then see
Skeeter Johnston
And his gang
Have decided this week
To turn up
To play being tough
As usual they try
To give me a hard time
I take pride
In my ability
To ignore their stupidity
I keep patting the horse neck 
Feeling good within myself
Hugger appears on the steps
And surveys a common sight
Showing distain with his eyes
He mounts his horse
Leans down and smiles
And takes the reins
From my childish hands
To cries of “Hugger the Bugger”
They chase his trotting horse
Throwing stones at his parting back
He leaves the town at a gallop
To a “Humpy” I have never been
Somewhere out beyond
The airport south
In a land to far
For my childish exploits
To reach and discover
His home in the scrub.
I never did find out
Who or why he lived
In such a nomadic way
I never knew at ten
That some men
Sought solitude
Above the need for normality
Perhaps he was just too stubborn
To set in his way to make friends.

PJR    13.02.2023


Come on Ned time for your walk
Lead on, down to the park
To have a run and a bit of a lark
Joe is so good to me

This way Ned – No! I will not
I’m going my way, so I just stop
Digging in my paws, not budging
Till Joe follows my trail

Off we go, there’s Molly
She greets me with a bark and a frolic
She sure is fit, not like me
As I sit to catch my breath

Oh look there’s Daisy
The most beautiful eyes and a coat like silk
I know she has those eyes on me
We will be an item one day, you wait and see

This way Ned as we head off home
I do enjoy Joe walking with me
Stubbornness can have its perks
For now a meal awaits

CCon 13th Feb 23

The ‘S’ word

It is noticeable how
Words can be used
To give meaning
Or to abuse

Some words seem naturally positive
Unless used with a sarcastic tone
Others are often expressed to be negative
Whether at work or at home

One such word which can feel rather sudden
Is this word for immovable or resistant
Which comes hot from the brain oven
And often feels insufficient

If it were positive we would express
Determined, tenacious, persistent, resilient…
Which are often designed
To bring pride and encouragement

However when persistence or tenacity
Is not what we want
Then this inconvenience
Needs a bolder font

Here it comes
There is no discussion
It has to be said…

‘You are being STUBBORN’



I’m holding on
To all that was

Yet it feels so hard 
What am I trying to do?

Why must I fight 
What am I proving 
What is it?

Why am I sticking with it 
Because I said so? 
How did I live my whole life 
Stubbornly focused on sticking to my initial ‘commitment’?

Now there’s a clue 
Perhaps it was that
That kept me blue 

The ritual, the promise
Perfection, the hostage

Kept me blind 
Not able to see 
So locked in 
Unable to be free 

Stubborn, like a mule
Or like Lulu my dog 
Dead weight like a log
Plonked on the road to stay cool 

Or was it resilience
Persistence or brilliance

No matter which
Labels as tools
Are fools’ rules

Positive Or negative 
Whichever the way
Beware how you sway 

Because words, titles, and names 
Can distort, guilt and shame

TLaB 13th Feb 23

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