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Thrill – poetic expression

‘Thrill’ – a word that took us on many journeys! What we loved this week, was the way in which we could feel the ‘thrill’ of it, as the poems unfolded.

Where doe the word ‘thrill’ take you? What has given you a thrill in the past? How was that experience fro you? Once again, it was a word that opened the door to what lies within – feelings, thoughts, capabilities… whatever it brought, it gave us an opportunity to look at it, and notice.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘genius’

Hope to see you there.


The television is on

All others channels foregone

The Powerball draw has begun

Tonight’s prize is a Jackpot

Imagine if I won

It would certainly be a shock

So many times I’ve dreamed

Tonight will be the night

My random numbers will drop

All my financial worries

Will be wiped

And a new life to adopt

Here comes the first ball

I can see it’s a ten

You beauty

Let the next be a seven

It is I’m in heaven

Come on twenty two

It’s about time to show yourself

Yes thank you

Three out of three

One more I get my money back

Here it comes Yes thirty nine

If the next one to fall is an eight

Now that would be sublime

It’s not it’s a twenty eight 

The thrill comes tumbling down

The next number is not mine

Nor the next nor Powerball

My feelings leave me bereft

The excitement that lived

In my expectations is unfulfilled

Sure I got my money back

The winnings in my account

Waiting for me to once again

Lose it down the lotto drain

All to fuel the thrill

Of the unlikely probability

In winning millions

Still to be fulfilled.

PJR    16.01.2023


Was it worth it? 
All the training over 4 weekends
All the waiting for the calm?

Here I am
Squashed in like sardines
Just for the thrill

I am having second thoughts
The risks are high
Injury or death a possibility

It is so uncomfortable
So little room
With the danger of triggering the lump in front of me

The third thoughts include
Why was I so ‘gung-ho’?
It was also for charity so…

The fourth thoughts became feelings
Fear, dread, regret
How did it come to this?

Ah yes the answers flowed
For the thrill, views and peace
I hope that is the reality, otherwise…

We have reached the moment
Hope my training kicks in
It is time…

We all shuffle forward to our fate
In single file all 20 of us
We can see the ‘gate’

The first one goes
We can hear his scream
As he disappears fast

The next one does not want to go
If he does not
We are all trapped

I am feeling increasingly nauseous 
I should not have had that breakfast
I am willing the ‘hesitant’ to go

Those in charge shout
‘Look up, look out, GO!’
…they push him out

The food is rising in my oesophagus
There are 4 people ahead of me
Hope they do not take long

None of those hesitated
Their screams sounded elated
It will soon be me (gulp)

My fear of the fate that awaits
Is overridden by my need for fresh air
Vomiting would be an awful option

It is my turn
I shuffle forward
‘Look up, look out, GOoooo!’

I am out, the fresh air slaps my face
My scream leaves me so fast
That I hardly hear it

My fall is suddenly braked
It slows to gentle descend
Ahh, the peace, the views

Until… I hit the ground
My training enabled me to avoid injury or death
I no longer feel nauseous….. 




The orchestra begins, quietly serene
How enchanting to hear, as the curtain is raised
The dancers swan across the stage
Excitement, as the prima ballerina appears
Her feet so agile and precise

The dancers unison is something to behold
Their feet engage with the violin
They flutter with the flute
Emotion so overwhelming
A silent tear rolls down my cheek

Dancing with skill, the villain appears
He covers the floor with his magic 
The mysterious music with a wicked tone
Helps the rogue perform a leap
To capture the princess for him to own

Crescendo, the hero arrives, 
Saves the day, villain obsolete
Curtsy, bouquets standing ovation
Ah, the thrill of it all
As I leave to face the outside world

CCon 17th Jan 2023


Some take a pill 
to get that thrill 

Or jump from a car
that’s a dill 

It seems… 


not enough shrill 
in the usual run of the mill 

So their

human will 
sends a chill 

As they

seek to be fulfilled 
despite the blood spilled 

Walking towards

what could kill
and be long time still 

Walking past 

nature’s fill 
oceans krill 
fish’s gill
pelican’s bill 
an open sill 


the drill 
that some just like the grill


others prefer frills 
to avoid the ills 

Whichever the way 
just want to say 


thrills that dare 
please take care 

TLaB 16th Jan 23

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