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Genius – poetic expression

‘Genius’ – a word that took us in many directions, with discussion around those known geniuses in the world, and often the challenges they face, such as Robin Williams, as well as what is considered ‘genius’. This certainly conjured different things in us.

Where doe the word ‘genius’ take you? What do you see as genius and what feelings does it conjure?

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘alien’. I’m sure this will potentially lead us in different directions… Looking forward to it.

Hope to see you there.


Within all of us is a genius
Waiting in the wings
Biding its time to make an entrance
To spend a moment in the spotlight.
My challenge has been my indifference

I have had so many doubts
Engineered by genetics and family bias
Which lie deep beneath my thoughts
At times I see hear and feel different
Stuck in a space trying to break free
To communicate to myself and others
I don’t fit in this world coming at me
I want to stand above these thoughts
And explain there are other possibilities
Then I step back into the status quo 
Fearing to share my enlightened moment

That there have been others
Who have come before me
And proposed alternatives
Other pathways of being openly curious
When confronting a complex mystery
They have explained it in a way
It seems so natural in its simplicity
So I gain clarity in my discovery 

There are so many instances when each of us
Experience without looking to influence
Yet unknown to ourselves we have
With a word, a smile, a nod, a no or a yes
Without intention or purpose
We have impacted and created
Shifts in another person’s experience
To me this is pure genius
The why of human existence

PJR    23.01.2023

Stewing over the title

Stewing over the title
What is that song?
Been racking my brain for so long 
Thinking from the sixties
Now that’s just a guess
Don’t know all the lyrics
What a mess
A friend of mine is in a choir
A fountain of knowledge
In the literary world
Why not in music I’ll put it to her
Let’s hope that she can cure
this recurring song I need to know
Google it she said
What a genius!
Why didn’t I think of that??

CCon 23rd January 2023


Glorious shades of an evening sunset glowing through the trees – 
on a cloud-streaked sky

Exquisite deposits of emerald found in layers of rock – 
while just passing by 

Northern lights surrounding nebulas of wonder – 
a sight for the eye

Intricate petals luring insects to the sweet scent of nectar – 
difficult to leave and say goodbye

Unimaginable vibrations holding universal truths –  
there is no lie

Scientific minds settling uncertainties and conundrums – 
with equations like phi and pie 

The genius of creation, beyond imagination 
The question is how, and then there is why?

TLaB 23rd Jan 2023

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