Systems of Control – podcast

How often do the rules that have been set in your workplace, in your community, or family, feel controlling and constraining?

We live in times when accountability and certainty is at the forefront,  which is leading to creating more and more rules, policies and procedures, that are time consuming and costly to uphold. 

What’s more, they often feel quite cold and harsh, with little compassion for people.

Is there another way to achieve quality outcomes, without such measures?

Nigel and Tricia look at the impact of a more human approach and the positive effect it has on the environment and the way people feel.

They provide some alternative perspectives that show how with less structure, there are ways for positive involvement.

They draw from the community project Knit a Care Square to highlight success in the outcomes without the control, or micro managing steps and stages throughout.

How do you feel about the topic? We are happy to share time with you, to support you in your business or organisation if this is something you can see, will make a difference. 

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