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How did we get to the word stupid? It was another of those words that just arrived, and I’m sure we all wondered where that would go, so agreed it would be a good word to explore.
I’m sure it’s a word we have all had some experience with in some form or other… Wonderful again, where it took people with their poems.
It was interesting the concept of the depth, weight, breadth, length, height of stupidity… lots of fun there.
The wonderful thing about using poetry to express what arrives, is that you give yourself a chance to explore in your own heart, mind and spirit, what is waiting to be expressed.
The thing is… without this time for you to explore and express – so much is buried inside you, without you knowing.
You are a depth of experience, with so much to offer to the world, so let’s hear what’s in you.


Stupid on the face of it, is difficult to rhyme
Words like cupid work ,but in a different time
If we are not so strict with the spelling
We can be a bit more compelling

This poem could be constituted
From phonetics which included
Endings substituted
In verses convoluted

However you can see how putrid
It gets using words like stupid
I do not feel like cupid
I have no love for stupid

So why use this word at all?
Is it helpful when we fall?
Is it an accurate call
Or does it just build a wall

Maybe it describes an act
That has a negative impact
Like leaving nothing intact
Or saying something abstract

So is it an insult
Rather than an exult
Like joining a cult
Or not being an adult

Can it be used as a positive?
Or is it more provocative
The opposite of interrogative
And probably not evocative

Is it mainly a put-down
To leave less renown
Causing a frown
And a want to leave town

So is it fair to use this word
To pass someone’s lips, so it is heard?
Towards another, it is conferred
Whose reputation is now slurred?

I say, it is stupid
To use the word stupid.



Watching the buskers doing their best
Enjoying their talents as I sit here and rest
Someone nearby heard to say
Why do they behave that way?
Embarrass themselves – how stupid!

Mmm – if I stood up to tell a joke
Followed by my laughter
Would some enjoy the joke with me
Or some just think – how stupid!

You can be stupid and have such fun
Or make a mistake and people shun
A mysterious word, it can be quite funny
Or so serious, not funny at all

It all lies in the eyes of the beholder
How do you explain stupid behaviour?

CCon 26th September 21


Spontaneous ideas can be fun.
Bringing them to life is another thing.
The outcome making us look so dumb.
Not realising the harm it would bring.

That is what happened at boarding school.
A group of us at breakfast thought it up.
Not realising it would be so cruel.
Our target drank his tea, cup after cup

We had put Epson salts in his teapot
He was totally unaware and drank away.
We waited for his stomach to knot.
He just made it through two classes okay

We heard him groan as he bolted out
Our teacher yelling for him to come back
The three of us were falling about
Our classmates guessing what we did to Jack.

Unaware our prank would cause so much pain
Jack was bedridden, a couple of days.
Then to the headmaster, asked to explain.
Six canes each for our childish display.

I have no regrets because:
Stupid is as Stupid does.

PJR    26.09.2021


Is it stupid not to be able to work things out or
unintelligent, brainless or dense?

Yesteryear people often said we were “off our trolley”,
“ We had nothing upstairs”.

Kids growing up act foolishly, stupid, just to get attention,
High Schools too much testosterone floating around,
acting stupid being foolish, trying to be a hero.

We often walk into a room only to forget what it was
that was wanted,
Is it mindless or stupid?

Walk to the mail box only to forget the key,
now is that mindless or sheer stupidity?

My mind has gone blank so I’ll not say a word
to make myself look Stupid.

L A M 29/9/21

The ‘stupid’ default

Spending money on over-indulgence

Getting married without love

Staying in a marriage that isn’t right

Doing a job because it gives you power

Doing anything to hurt others

Spending time on worrying

Eating foods that makes you unwell

Believing someone else’s beliefs

Living life on a virtual device

Saying, doing, being stupid
Does that mean you are stupid?

Saying stupid
A word you use when you can’t make sense
of things that seem like nonsense…

Doing stupid
Things you do, when you have no clue,
of what it brings to me and you

Being stupid
Not true to you,
With your natural flow,
Deep down with what you know.

What lies in the gap between true and stupid?
A heck of a lot of noise, if you are lucid

So, in a moment
know you can choose the way,
It’s up to you, to have a say…

To use the space between your breath,
Where there’s silence, to do the test

To consult and then revolt,
and trek instead
from the ‘stupid’ default
(saying, doing and being)


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