Spicy – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘spicy’. A word used to describe many things, most commonly related to food. And yet, any word has a way of heading into many other themes, which was the case this week.
Where would the word take you, and what would you like to express.
A great way to bring things out; likes, dislikes, memories and stories.
And well… about life in general.
We hope you enjoy our expressions. Sharing through poetry or prose can be a wonderful way to explore your relationship with the world around you.
If you feel this would be enjoyable and helpful for you, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘charity’.
Hope to see you there.

Not So Spicy Please

Subjected to a fiery dish
I underestimate the heat I might eat
Supposedly good for heart and arteries
Soon after I tend to visit a pharmacy
Reflux Heartburn and aggravations
And all those burning bottom sensations
As the food departs in dramatic evacuations
Not so spicy please is my plea
It’s better for me to refrain
And not go through this pain again
PJR    29.01.2024


A Spicy Life

Just like that
When we reach for more
We open the door
To that which entices us along the way
That leads us to sway
From what matters
With life often left in tatters

Just like that
In a world of temptation
Its no longer your creation
Far from edifying
Or feeling satisfying
One step too far
More likely to scar

Just like that
Too much chilli
Damaged villi
Too much of anything nice
To bring more spice
To your life
Can really land you
in a pickle

TLaB 29th Jan 2024



Always Learning

The Mongolian cuisine we have never seen
Always interested to try something new
With an element of curiosity
The family all meet for a unique experience
With our plate, we join a queue
Fresh foods to choose, so inviting
Raw meats and chicken thinly sliced
The veggies fresh and appealing
Seeing the chefs, eagerly observe
a round grill plate of enormous size
They cook each meal with the greatest of skill
Hope we have chosen wisely
The waiters are eager to assist and greet
The aroma is tantalising, can’t wait to eat
Setting off to our reserved table
Guided through an array of sauces
What a learning experience, so delicious
Not too spicy for me – we all agree

CCon 29th January 2024

Always Check

Sorry, I can only eat a little bit of spicy
You were shocked, staring at me
Don’t your Chinese people like spicy food?
Hotpot comes from China, right?
Yes, but China is huge
Our food is diverse in different regions, too
Wow, you can eat spicy food!
Australian diet is usually very mild as far as I know
This time, it was my turn
That’s true
But I used to work in a Mexican restaurant
Washing so many spicy dishes built up an immune system on me
You winked at me
Well, never assume
Always check

XQZ 29th January 2024

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