Space – poetic expression

Space. A great word. We moved into so many ‘spaces’ as we explored the word.
We had a broad range of poem styles and themes, that brought for a great night.

Where does the word take you?

If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us. Or pass it on to someone who you feel may enjoy and gain from this approach.

See you next week with the word ‘delight’.
Hope to see you there.

Turn space on its ear

I need not live in a space unclear
to travel through a space
And find a place where I can live
To relax sleep and exist
To choose a place I call my own
A place I can call my inner-space
Then there’s the public space
To enjoy celebrate and communicate
Yet some people encroach upon my space
Others show respect and give the space
And understand my need to have
my own place within my inherent space
Then there are the spaces less said
The space between my heart beat
The distance between each breath
The space between my thoughts
And the response or silence
before my uttered response
The simple awareness of a thunder roll
the space after the bright lightening flash
A space filled with anticipation of a strike
Or the space that separates
the distance between each blade of grass
that I have stepped on underfoot
The gap of each petal on a flower
I have never tried to share
Let alone the leaves that trees bear
Looking at the stars above
Light from the past travelling
In a space that never disappears
To explain what I have just said
I used gaps and spaces on this page
a collection of words to help you comprehend
There are so many spaces around me
they surround me every day
I have no reason to feel I don’t belong
I have no right to say I’m bound by space
As I have all the space and time I need
to live my life and my time fully fulfilled in my space
PJR       1.07.2024


What should we do with our space?

There was a dragon
She loved her space
It surrounded by rivers, mountains and rich soil
Gradually she learned to make tea, rice and steam yummy food
She was so happy every day and never had a desire to explore other places
Until one day
Other animals came to her space and took over everything
She couldn’t help but crying
Did I do anything wrong?
Time stopped for her
Her door opened
She started to pass on her learnings to her children and grandchildren
Always be brave and adventurous
Don’t just live in your own little world
But go out to see other beauties too
Including people who are very different from you
Because living in this world
We are never alone and isolated
We are here to mingle and exchange
To learn and support one another
To be a global citizen
And to create a better and bigger world
XQZ    01.07.2024



Look up to the stars
Feel the stillness of the night
Hear a solo bird in flight
How calming it feels
To find some space in the day
To just switch off as they say
1st July 2024

What’s in the space?

I once gave myself some space 

And here’s what I saw 

I saw an energy field- an electrifying gel connecting everything in and amongst it all 

Here’s what I heard 

I heard the whispers in the wind – that said thank you for listening 

Here’s what I felt 

I felt my inner vibration connect to a deep vortex that I can not explain 

I realized that space is not a gap where nothing exists 

Rather a place densely inhabited by the unseen the unheard the unfelt

1st July 2024

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