Delight – poetic expression

A light and bright word, or so it felt. What about for you. What delight arrives when you hear the word delight?
Always interesting where a word takes us. The memories… the reminders, the challenges?
No matter which, they help us to let out a little more about us, our life, feelings, experiences, our challenges.
And that is part of how we can help ourselves to live and navigate in this world of ours.

Where does the word take you?

If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us. Or pass it on to someone who you feel may enjoy and gain from this approach.

Next week, we will be writing our poems to one of the images below. Images, like words, impact us, so let’s see where we go with these.

Hope to see you there.



Welcome to another sunrise
No matter what will arise
It’s a beginning
Another delight
A gift
I’m alive
I still exist
A delightful surprise

PJR       8.07.2024

Delight Received in My Trip

A Chinese living in Australia encountering a family of five from America
In the Doolin Music House
A small country town in Ireland
Where the story began
Talking, laughing and smiling
A big group
Walking together
Breaking out this peaceful space
But instead of talking in their group
As what family travelers usually do
Sara introduced herself to me first
So, did others
Take turns
John, easy to remember, one syllable
Not too easy, three syllables, sorry
Running nose and sneezing
A peppermint oil handled over to me
This might help you
From Sara
Behind me
Back to the seat
Seeing my plate full
I don’t know what you like
So I got you every piece
With her bright smile
Pub time
Thank you for ordering fish and chips for us before the kitchen closed
What would you like to drink?
No, you don’t need to do that
But I want to
Looking into her eye
I saw
Genuine seriousness
Seeing I might have difficulty in renting a bike for our island time the next day
I am happy to help out
Jeremiah’s turn
Are they all angels?
After dinner
Time for our own music session
Original songs
Exchanging time
Singing and playing in Ukulele
Country road take me home
Hearing Americans singing this familiar American song
In their perfect harmony
What a treat
Looking around
Soft sofa
Warm light
Cozy house
What else can I ask for
Bus stop
Seeing me off as a group
What a delight meeting them all
May our sharing continue
Thirteen-and-a-half hour time difference won’t stop us
I know this
From deep down
So, for now
Take care everyone
See you again
XQZ    08.07.2024


Oh Bubbles!

She found her way to the table
With an insatiable scent and taste for food
She discovered the chocolates 
What a treat! I’m sure she did repeat
Over and again with each of the 6 boxes she found 
Until she retreated to the ground 
Pools of vomit the clue
Of what she had been up to
What a surprise when we walked through the door
Not what we were expecting, that’s for sure
The only ‘sweet’ that was left 
And not part of her quest
Yes you are right… 
It was the Turkish Delight

8th July 2024

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