“I have been enjoying the connection with the people and getting to know people and learning new things via conversation and experiencing new things that I never would have done.” “We’ve had some funny instances where the family dog has joined in with the singing.”



“Having never heard of Zoom before , like a good computer nerd I Googled it and taught myself what was required to run the program online . It is great to see people logging on to join in the singing, no matter where they are located.”

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About Real Time Heart-Based Community Projects ONLINE

During Covid19, facilitators from all walks of life, all with heart and passion, wanted to share, care and engage with others in the community…

This unique online zoom approach, emerged during that time, with a purpose of reaching and supporting people, who would normally not have the opportunity.

The purpose of these sessions is to engage, connect, express and share, learn and grow together as a community.

  • Topics of interests are provided and this may change depending on the availability of facilitators and interests e.g. mindfulness, poetry, cooking, art therapy, wellbeing tips and more.
  • Click here for our calendar of events

Melanie Smith

Pilates Educator

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Tuesday 9:30am ACST

Zoom link 

Dorothy Barr

Evolutionary Astrology

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Tuesday 6pm-7pm ACST

Zoom link 

Mardiyah Vigor

Tai Chi

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Thursday 7:30pm ACST

Zoom link here

Paul Campbell 

Singing tutor

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The 1st, 3rd, and where applicable the 5th Thursday of the month

1:30pm ACST

Zoom link here

Tricia La Bella

Poetic expression

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Monday 6pm ACST

Zoom Link 

Bel Ryan

Art Therapist

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Friday 11:30am


Knit a Care Square

Knit and chat

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Saturday 3:30pm ACST

Zoom link here

Caroline Rowe

Cooking just4me

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Time to be determined after Easter 2021

Meet and Greet

Welcome to the online calendar

With Tricia and Nigel

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Every 1st Friday of the month

5pm – 5:30pm ACST

Zoom link here 

Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self

Personal development program

With Kyla

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Every 1st Monday of the month

7:30pm – 9pm ACST

Kay MacKenzie

Community Fitness Educator

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Tuesday 3:30pm ACST

Zoom link 

RTHB Community Volunteer Zoom Session Facilitator or Event

If you are heart-based, with a strong caring for others, community minded, have a passion for and knowledge about a topic that you would like to share with others in an interactive, inclusive, kind and empowering non-commercial way and interested in donating 30 minutes weekly please complete the form below. We would love to hear from you.

Or if you would like to use the platform to volunteer a community event to help others, let us know.

You will need to have a computer/tablet/phone capable of running zoom, and sufficient internet data and speed for your session to run smoothly.

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