See what people are saying about the online events…

“Tips with Kay relaxed discussions about tricks and tips for fitness and healthy living for more than a month now. Kay takes her tutelage very seriously and is ever-ready to instruct and entertain.”

“I have found these an interesting and useful adjunct to the in-person and online fitness sessions Kay offers for over-50’s like myself.”

“The Zoom videoconferencing platform is admirably suited to this purpose and is easy to use on an i-pad or laptop, although perhaps less so on the limited screen size of most smart phones(I haven’t tried this, being somewhat fumble-fisted with the phone keyboard).”

“It’s great to be able to sit in front of my laptop and take part in these discussions with very little need to tinker with the hardware and/or software after the initial simple login for participants.”

“It would be useful to record sessions you are unable to attend in person but I haven’t yet had occasion to check this out as an option. Zoom offers free means of gathering together family groups and others separated by distance and I am finding this option a convenient way of participating in my grandkids home-schooling projects in COVID-19 isolated Victoria.”

“Having never heard of Zoom before , like a good computer nerd I Googled it and taught myself what was required to run the program online . It is great to see people logging on to join in the singing no matter where they are located .”

“Usually they are comfortable in their computer or lounge rooms although if they are living in a retirement village with a large screen , they could sing along with a group of fellow retirees .”

“We’ve had some funny instances where the family dog has joined in with the singing or the computer camera has been turned around the wrong way . If we do the song ” Doggy in the Window ” , it might pay to explain to the family dog that they are not being replaced just yet .”

“I like that everybody is welcome to join in with the singing . You do not have to be a diva like Dame Kiri Te Kanawa or a tenor like Luciano Pavarotti , to enjoy yourselves . “
“When Covid happened our world as we know it changed. I found I needed to overcome some barriers with technology and learn a few things one of them being Zoom. I won’t say it was easy as I am a bit challenged in that area but after a couple of sessions I was able to navigate around the computer and even help other people which is something that pleases me.”
“I have been enjoying the connection with the people and getting to know people and learning new things via conversation and experiencing new things that I never would have done, from gardening to poetry, singing, and knitting. Realtime Community Projects has offered me so much, I have grown.”
“I have been facilitating a weekly session called Tips with Kay, it’s a fitness wellbeing session and I know I have helped people through this session and made their lives better. So from a facilitators perspective it is a joy to see how much this is helping people, and as a participant in the other sessions it has been so much fun and kept me feeling positive and very happy”