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This program is the synthesis of many years of exploring, experiencing, experimenting and research around meaningful wellbeing and self-care.  

Our lived experience and the statistics are demonstrating that things are not working for most of us, with many becoming isolated, displaced, abused, depressed, troubled and feeling unfulfilled. 

However, we see there is hope for better times, and the time is now to adapt to the emerging normal and find the fulfilment and happiness we seek and feel free to be more of who we are.   

This program provides just that, which is to Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self.  

The smallest step can make a real difference and inspire confidence. This is about caring for you, others and the planet… and discovering there is a way to approach life differently. 

If you are (a) someone who feels there is more to life than you are currently experiencing (b) an employee or unemployed feeling disconnected (c) a facilitator, leader, practitioner, parent, carer or coach taking care of others in some way, this may be the right time for this program.  

You can learn at your own pace while being supported with a monthly online interactive session. 

Join the monthly group or organise your own monthly session to support your transition to more from life.

To find out more about the program click here.