Real Time Heart-Based Guided Online Program
Find your Self, Find your Wayfor your Wellbeing, Inner Peace and Deep Happiness

About the online guided program
It is built on universal principles, lived experiences, significant research, peer reviews and proven results.
6 powerful interactive modules
video guides
activities and practices
At your own pace

More Information

  • provides an ongoing journey of discovery to uncover what may be limiting your life
  • provides alternatives to better equip you for the future
  • 6 powerful online learning modules designed with flexibility to suit your schedules
  • each step provides concepts, actions/ practices, guided videos and audio options
  • access to monthly drop-in Zoom guiding sessions
  • your own personal membership login to the secure RTHB platform
  • lifelong access to provide support in the future as needed
  • our platform provides safe space to immerse in the online program without pop ups and adverts etc
  • opportunities to make comment and communicate on the user platform
  • access to other (free) options (incl. podcasts, online zoom events and opportunities to be involved in community projects

Personal benefits of the online program

  • discover more about you and what life offers
  • heal some deep hurts
  • better adapt to change
  • improve relationships and quality of life
  • make choices, express your feelings and wants
  • reach your potential
  • settle your busy mind and feel more present
  • feel less concerned with how others see you
  • engage more in what matters and feel happier

Video Testimonial 1 – Chien

Chien shares her experience of the
Heart-Based Approach/

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Video Testimonial 2 – Chrissie

Chrissie shares her experience of the Heart-Based Approach:

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Real Time Heart-Based

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This online guided program/resource provides the journey for you to work on yourself including growth and development. Note: The price includes lifetime access – for stages and challenges in life.

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Additional Information and Contact us

The directors, Tricia and Nigel, share more about the
Approach in this video:

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Intent behind the Heart-Based Approach

The intention is to:

Find your Self:
connect with your heart, feelings, senses and intuition

Find your Way:
discover your freedom, purpose, path and passions

In your Life:
become your true, caring self, in more moments and situations

Audio Testimonials

Testimonial Audio/Video

YP describes her experiences of the Heart-Based Approach…

Realisations, self-care and compassion:

Senses, intuition, feeling vs thinking:

Why this approach:

Why recommend it to others:


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