Real Time Heart-Based Learning and Improvement Programs

For your Personal Development, Growth and Improvement 

The question is how do you navigate these times, to move towards being all of who you are, living every moment, adapting and bringing your unique and true self, making the most of your life? These learning and discovery programs are a resource for life, that support your transitions and path towards happiness and fulfilment;

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For your Small Business 

This development for you as an owner can better support where you put your energy, the choices and direction you take and your real time response to situations arising – maintaining overall wellbeing and fulfilment for all 

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For your Organisation

The development of this in employee and leaders, builds more openness to share and care,  and make choices for best practice, future directions – maintaining overall wellbeing and greater fulfilment for all. 

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Why this suite of RTHB programs?

  • you discover for yourself, all of who you are and what you feel/believe
  • the program provides a person specific interactive experience, gently guided and self-paced
  • it is sophisticated, not complicated
  • it is practical
  • the program is supported by research and it has a beneficial ripple effect
  • you can apply the learning to all of your relationships, situations and choices in life
  • it caters for your different learning styles, with different textures of communication and practice
  • it is updated in line with latest research
  • it is more than a program and it is about community and provides many ways to be involved and to care
  • it is part of a bigger picture/vision towards a more caring world
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