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Knitting – poetic expression

These sessions are for expression and while we chat and explore the poems and prose, it’s not unusual to find Lesly knitting away as she gets involved. 

Well, last week the knitting drew our attention, and so the word ‘knit’ arrived. 

This is a word that can relate to so many things, and it was great to see the different ways it was ‘threaded’ into our poems. 

Most certainly the combination of knitting with wool to weave and bind, came to the fore. Of course many other ways in which things are knitted together did arise, for example stitches that knit together a broken heart…

Such a powerful word. 

We hope you enjoy these expressions around the word ‘knit’ and feel free to comment on your own feelings.

The next week’s word is ‘beard’.

Hope to see you there.


Click clack clicking when I’m knitting

Needles weaving woolen strands 

Makes me happy wherever I’m sitting

In and out with my hands

Dropping a stitch is such a bitch

Click clack clicking when I’m knitting

Soothing calming trancing sound

Up and down round and round

Makes me happy wherever I’m sitting

On my own or in a group

Sharing stories jokes or wit

Click clack clicking when I’m knitting

Stops the boredom of the day

I spend my time in a creative way

Makes me happy wherever I’m sitting

No matter age sex class or colour

There’s so many patterns to discover

Click clack clicking when I’m knitting

Makes me happy wherever I’m sitting

PJR    11.07.2022

Knit a Care Square

Two needles and some wool 
A simple click, wrap and flick…
Then just like that, there’s a stitch

Fabric forming before my eyes
With a story in disguise


Those who knit with dementia 
And love the adventure

Those at home
With a purpose, yet alone

Looking for meaning
When life is not so gleaming

Reconnecting with passion 
Unconcerned with fashion

Using wool stored for years 
Wasting it, would bring tears

Opening hearts
Wanting to help 

The needles keep clicking, 
Feelings and emotions weave their way
Into the squares, 
Ready to have their say

They arrive…
Fluffy, striped, ribbed, and plain
Their unique journey
The privilege, the gain

40 to a blanket, 
They are joined together 
To help those, doing it tough, 
In the cold weather 

And to the person it has found, 
The blanket wraps itself around, 

And whispers quietly, 

“I’m here for you…
I’m listening to your stories now
Through the threads that we share. 
No longer neglected, 
We are connected,’


Fabric of life

Am I threading my life 
Through the eye of a needle?
Or weaving a basket
To hold my memories?

It feels at times
That the painting on my canvass
Is blurred unless
Viewed from farther away
So I paint in the gaps with my choices
While attempting to feel that horizon

As I hear the notes inside me
I race to capture them on my guitar
Lyrics often elude me
While the harmonies of notes
Echo as community in my heart

Casting on is the beginning of a magical process
Not knowing where the threads will take me
A bonnet, a square… with me it is uncertain
Although I have intention to create something worthwhile
With admiration of all those whose creations make a difference
I cast off and hope to become part of something bigger


Knitting on the bus

My granddaughter won a prize
Says Mary swelling with pride
My grandson won a race
You should have seen the look on Mabel’s face

And what have you been up to Kath
Bingo on this week
Well, it was my birthday
I was taken out in style

Hi Sue your late, miss the bus again
So glad your here, come sit by me
So good to catch up once more
Let’s put our needles in overdrive

All knitting at lightning speed
Squares fly out the door
Stitched up in just a wink
Another blanket hits the floor

Stories and friendships grow each week
As we solve the world, laugh, exchange
Feeling good helping others
Another blanket on the pile 

A lot can happen in a day
Just knitting


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