Beard – poetic expression

Watching a beard grow over the weeks, was the inspiration behind our word this week. A bit of fun and nice to enjoy some light approaches to this word.

Once again, there was a chance to ponder thoughts and feelings around what emerges from the word, and this certainly arrived.

A variety of concepts and trails of thought around many ‘bearded’ story… Hope you enjoy them.  

The next week’s word is ‘inside.’

Hope to see you there.

Trim my beard…

Trim my beard
You will do what I tell you to do
Behave, say yes, no arguments
Smile, agree, and back down
It’s not your place to disagree
Sure fume inside, stew a little
Keep your stupid comments to yourself
Blend in, step back and just be docile
If you don’t, you won’t survive
Your bruises will fade overtime
Don’t be tricked by sympathy
Nurses, doctors and police will trick you
Think about where you’ll end up
Your children will be taken away
Put in state protection
You won’t get any visitation
There they will live with strangers
So how will you sleep at night?
Your broken bones will heal
Your broken heart might not
Go on make a complaint
A loser like you, you’re just a joke
No one will believe it’s me
They’ll say you’re a bad mother
You’re making it up to get back at me
No one has witnessed me hitting you
Your mine forever so admit it
You’re useless pathetic and stupid
I’m your only chance to security
Without me you haven’t a chance
You’re dead worthless broken
I’m a man, your mine for all time
Get in here and trim my beard
Before I lose my temper
Do you hear me?
Don’t you dare try to disobey
Come on you know I love you 
Stop crying or I’ll hit you.

PJR    18.07.2022


Our family is anchored
side by side
rocking up and in
down and out
wavelets rise and fall
gently massaging
our bearded strands
anchored on our rocks
our hard outer shells
keeping prey at bay
the moons tidal pull
brings nutrients
to our gills
feeding, growing, maturing
unaware a carnivore
will rip us from our bed
suddenly no longer anchored
our bearded strands shredded
we’re plucked
from our rocks
moved roughly
to tank, to ice
hand to hand 
our remnant bearded strands
wrenched from our shells
then to hot pans 
garlic, olive oil, basil
we’re cooked alive
in boiling white wine
our open shells can
no longer protect us 
this is our fate
a bivalve corpse
stabbed with a fork
consumed on a plate

PJR    18.07.2022

Why am I here?

I sit here day after day 
People stare at me
The weather changes

…and yet here I am

Why I am here is beyond me
My creation took ages
The scenery is still the same
And when it rains…
…well the drips run off all of my extremities

Why I am I here?
What is so interesting about me
I feel like a 3D photo

People would have surely cheered
If I had been sheared
At least something would have changed
I would not have my beard!


I am…

The beginning of adolescence 

A cultural custom

Helpful in winter 

Grown on a holiday 

A fashion statement 

A sign of the times 

A reflection of personality 

A nuisance after menopause 

A cover up

A clue in a police line up 

Storage for my lunch 

A distraction for little ones 

Essential for Santa 

In the shell of a mussel 

I know it sounds weird

This crazy thing called a beard

TLaB 18/7/22

The beard gave it away!

Row 1

No – no – no – no

But how do you know? 

Too long thin spindly 

Row 2 

No – no – no – yes 

How could I forget!

More like a birds nest 

Dense and wide 

With a bright white strip

On the side 

That’s him officer!

The one on the right 

He attacked me from out of no where 

Gave me a huge fright 

Hopefully now I’ll sleep better tonight 

Take him away!



Looking, what do I see
A goatie, bum fluff, a mo
Is that for real, what a mess!
Maybe an error with the razor
Dare not speculate

Embarrassment, with half a wisp
How to lighten the blow
Can do this for whatever role
Be bold with confidence, wisdom and wit

Makeup wardrobe 
Swan onto the stage
Gather oneself to my soul
The audience captivating

Perform with grandeur and perfection
Hand to face feel the warmth
Cannot believe the transformation
Silky beard, a voice to match

Bowing low to the stage
Then hands held in the air
Feeling so exquisite
With this character I share


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