Chimney – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘chimney’. It seems given the season, it led us in that direction in some way.
What is your first thought?
Hope you enjoy the poems,

We will take a pause for 2 weeks (Christmas Day and New Year’s Day),
And will resume on January 8th at 6pm,
with the word ‘Birth’.
Hope to see you there.

Chimney and other tall stories

Chimney and other tall stories
Here we go again kiddies
Joyous children will sleep light
Hoping he can get it right
Santa will climb down your chimney
And fill your stockings
With all sort of goodies
God forbid if it might rain
Poor old Santa will be covered in grime
As for his prancing hero’s
I never knew they were all females
Beside all that I got a shock
When the identity of Santa was unlocked
A stage had been erected between
The font seats and the drive-in movie screen
My name was called to present myself
I was met and guided to Santa by an elf
Sitting on his knee his eyes seemed familiar
If I didn’t know better Santa was familial
He pressed his lips tight sotto voice confessed
Keep this to yourself son don’t cause any distress
Never one to keep a secret from my mates
I set about explaining that this Santa was a fake
Though this denouement was nothing compared
To the amount of trouble and strife when I bared
That there was no truth in the Easter Bunny
My second grade teacher did not find it funny
Let alone when to the class I revealed
How the Tooth Fairy was really conceived
My parents took the harsh and illogical steps
Of banning me from reading my Encyclopaedia Britannica sets
PJR    18.12.2023

The Magic of Magic

Their little faces lit up
At the thought that Santa would be coming down the chimney tonight
Asking ‘how does he make his way from the North Pole?’
They seemed a little uptight
Well… he has a magic sleigh
That helps him travel all this way
From the other side of the world
Bringing gifts to boys and girls
‘Is that so, but how does he know
The way to go?’
And so, on we continue
To-ing and fro-ing
Until it seems
They’re happy to settle for the night
Waiting for the morning to see if Santa gets it right
Oh! what lengths we go to
To keep the Christmas story alive
A wonderful world of fantasy
Helping kids to survive
TLaB 18th Dec 2023 


Chimney Cheer

It’s Christmas, I’ve left a little treat Special biscuits and some milk
A beer and nuts?
Just in case
Such excitement, off to bed
It’s no time to sleep,
I sneak down the stairs
Just to have a peek
Pillow slips tacked to the wall
The tree is shining brightly
Have left some holly for Santa
He knows what to do
My eyes lower as I rest on the rail
I waken with the dawn
Fallen from the chimney
A letter addressed to me
I received your letter Tommy
And have done as you requested
Have even placed the holly
Exactly where you suggested
Some soot falls from the chimney
Santa retreating in his sleigh
He turns and winks at me
As I stand by our glowing tree
Excitedly we open our gifts
Oh that baseball! How did he know?
What a Magical Christmas, as I hear Santa call
Merry Christmas everyone and love to all
CCon 18th Dec 2023

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming!
Even though it’s not a Chinese festival, I am loving it more and more.
I like to visit Christmas markets,
seeing makers use their artistic minds and hearts to create beauty is impressive and inspiring.
I also love to see Christmas lights decorated and shining through each house.
Gathering to appreciate each house is fun.
Well, sometimes the walking pace is a bit too slow,
but I enjoy the vibe, a sense of community and celebration.
This year, I especially love the one that has a Santa carrying along a bag of goodies, climbing through a white chimney to deliver his important responsibility, bringing joy and surprises to everyone in that house.
That’s what I always love to do,
receiving surprises.
But since I came to Australia,
I started to enjoy being a gift sender too.
Putting my whole heart,
spending lots of time thinking and choosing something that the person may like,
and wrapping it into a beautifully looking gift pack.
Then asking the person to guess what it is and waiting to see reactions.
I am proud to say,
many times, I got it right, they loved the presents I chose.
What a sense of achievement.
I think that’s the balance that we should strive in our lives too.
To receive love is sweet,
but we also need to remember that the importance of giving out our love.
No matter how small it is,
the heart behind counts.
What do you want to give out this Christmas?  

XQZ 18th December 2023

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