How do I lose weight? Podcast

Are we asking the appropriate question? Is it about losing weight, or is it about how to make choices that lead to us feeling better? 

After all, weight is not always indicative of the state of health. We noticed on our last visit to Japan, that on the whole, Japanese people were not overweight. When we asked about the level of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, they were still quite significant. 

In this podcast, we chat about the shift from ‘trying’ to lose weight, to aiming to feel more energised, well, mentally clear, and happy.  We focus on what can happen when you shift your focus from chasing results, and feeling either successful or unsuccessful, to discovering and learning more about yourself and what works for your unique whole self. 

You may find that when you spend more moments choosing foods and practices that work best for you, that you arrive at the weight that is best for you, given your current whole situation. 

How do you feel about this approach? Let’s talk about it and see if together we can explore more things that may be helpful for you in living life well. 

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