Detergent & Sunset – poetic expression

This week we decided to do something different. As we had a break from poetry due to our visit to Japan, we decided to do 2 words however combine them into the one poem! The words were worlds apart in nature, so we were excited to see where it took us.
It was very interesting to see that once again, we veered into so many different directions.
We hope you enjoy these poems, and what it brought out.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘death’.
Hope to see you there.

Soapy Thoughts

standing at my sink
sunrays filtering
through slink venation blinds
the detergent does its bit
getting rid of the fatty grime
whilst my mind flits
back to a kitchen from my past
when Sunday lunch
was three vegs with the roast
not a hint of herbs or garlic
no sign of the dreaded onion
just pure gravy sauce
definitely nothing alcoholic
followed by plain desserts
chocolate pudding or blancmange
neapolitan ice cream
and strawberry sponge
then our ritual of washing up
leaving my mother a treat
the one day of the week
for her to relax and read
memories are the ghosts
of past realities
there is no reason to dwell on this
like the sunset now
as it is about to drop its curtain
on me washing my single dish
time to settle into my night
for tomorrow the sun will rise
and my memories will shift
PJR    27.05.2024



After a beautiful beach stroll
Watching the sun set amidst the clouds and colour
Forming a picture like no other
We ventured home on this particular eve
To what you wouldn’t believe
It started at the front door
A half loaf of bread
A tub of butter
And as I lifted my eyes to the stairs
I could see more
What once sat in our cupboards and bins
Strewn about
A trail of sin

There were crackers
And dip
Cheese and wrappers
Tomatoes and chocolate
And so much more

What a time she had spent
Finding food she liked
Not interested in the Turkish delight
Or the detergent and cleaning products
More my fright

Bubbles the beagle
You know the way
To having a field day
With food and play

TLaB 27th May 2024

Bring Yourself

How do you deter gents
from bringing old patterns?

How do you show
there is no need to go there?

Instead just daring to bring themselves
With the simplicity of saying how they feel
No big deal
No right or wrong
Just a simple song

About what they see

In nature the trees
On flowers the bees
At sunset the colours
With others your lovers

About what they sense
the breeze
the sneeze
the peace
the beauty

About what they know

The magnificence
The uniqueness
The eternal cycle
The complexity

Say it out loud
Not to be proud
To get out what’s inside
No longer the need to hide
Who they are…

TLaB 27th May 2024

Strength Survives

As I reach a new phase, I can do that…
It’s the transition that leaves me flat
Like running water into a bucket
holding a mound of detergent 
Foam spewing over the sides,
Bubbles rolling and bursting
Just like my mind, 
As I sit with my hand on my brow
Wearing a frown
Struggling to be strong 
For the loved ones I desperately treasure 
A tear falls in my solitude,
Over time the water becomes clear
As the cogs fall into gear
I try to dispel the fear of the journey 
I am destined to follow 

The transitions are the worst
Like those bubbles that roll and burst 
As the water becomes clear
So to my mind follows
To observe the beauty everywhere
As I sit in my chair I will always see
Those stunning sunsets in front of me

27th May 2024

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