Green – poetic expression

‘Green’ – so refreshing for many of us, and once again, some different angles; insightful, historical, memorable, entertaining, and fun!

How lovely to spend some time with a word, that takes us somewhere. Often we don’t know where it takes us, and that is the beauty of it. We open up to our subconscious often, or have our creative juices unleashed to produce something that we share with each other.

We usually learn something new, and tonight it was the Maori name for the gemstone Jade is pounamu. We most certainly feel lots of different emotions as we listen to the beautiful expression around our written offerings.

We hope you enjoy these expressions around the word ‘green’.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

‘Green’; Where does the word take you? What jumps out, that you’d like to explore or write about?

Next week’s word is ‘discipline’.

Hope to see you there.

Little green men

The little green Martian
Came down to earth
To investigate
The pigment of his birth
He parked his rocket outside
A Bunnings hardware store
Found the paint department
Where he silently swore
So many colours made his head spin
Passer-by’s stopped and grinned
One kid hid behind his mother’s skirt
Another called him a an olive green squirt
At last help arrived
A man with the warmest smile

“How can I be of help to you sir?”
He kindly enquired

“Well mate” came his reply
“I’ve just flown down from Mars
I need some answers 
On how my green colour came by”

“Not a problem sir
The colour you wear
Is a mix of yellow and blue?
And if I may say so, it suits you

“Back off you’re acting queer
I might be green
But not behind my ears.
How about making me white?’

“Now sir I can fulfil that dream
All I have to do
Is mix your lovely green
With a red and blue”

So with a few sprays
The little Green Martian
Was now totally human like
He complained “It’s too bright”

“Well sir we could soften the hue
Just by adding more red.
You’ll end up with a pinkish tint
How would that do?”

“My mate the purple people eater
Tried to mix and match like that
As you must know he turned black
So I think I want my green colour back”

“Certainly sir I’ll do my best
I’m afraid you might end up
A shade or two light
More chartreus because of the white”

“Bloody hell mate
This is all too hard
I think I’ll shoot through
And rocket back to mars.”

PJR    24.04.2023

My green home

With my 6 proper legs 
And many pairs of prolegs, 
I slide along the blades of grass 
Searching for my place of rest 
To spin myself 
And transform into looking my best 

As I reach the top of the hill above 
I look out 
And without a doubt 
I feel horrified 

The forest destroyed 
It was like a void 
No trees to be seen 
Tractors wiped it clean 

I slid back to where I had tread
Wondering what to do instead 
Pondering the road ahead 
For what has gone – I felt such dread 

So in my own way 
I found a green leaf to stay 
Nestled not far away 
from the destruction 

Slowly cocooned and warm 
Waiting for a new day to dawn 
For my wings to flutter 
With colour like no other 

How sad though, I feel 
They see it as no big deal 
To sell off the land 
to profiteers gone mad 

Once a haven 
to balance the ecology of the planet 
Now a creation 
For skewed human deviation 

An evolution that continues 
Til we find a way to survive 
And move from greedy 
To wonder and thrive 

So for now it seems I am in glee
That this leaf 
Is for me and I can soon
become free

TLaB 24th April 2023

My favourite colour

My favourite colour has always been green.

As a child, my mum liked to take me to the park nearby where I could see different
trees and all sorts of plants. Seeing green everywhere made my eyes feel happy,

After turning 18, I started to appreciate its spirit, full of energy, resilience and hope. 
I started to love or even admire grass, the perfect ambassador from the green family. 
It showed me, nothing is permanent. 
No matter if there’s a fire, snow or big rock in the way, grass can always say hi to the
whole world again, smiling with her refreshing face.
What a reminder.
Yes, life can be hard sometimes. But if we could keep trying and moving step by step
like grass, maybe not far away, a ray of sunshine will shine upon our faces too.

XQZ 24th April 23

If you are green, 
I want to be yellow. 
Because I like sunflower shaped marshmallow. 

If you are green, 
I want to be grass. 
Because you fill up all my body and soul, 
as clear as water in a glass

If you are green,
I want to be a city called Medellin, 
where has eternal spring. 
In that way, I can see you every single day.

If you are green, 
I want to be water. 
So, I can nurture you, and charge your battery.
Aren’t people say real love is about giving? 

What If you are not green? 
Well, let me endeavour to be green. 
Because real love is about
accepting who you truly are without any intervene.

XQZ 24th April 23 

Beyond Green

As I ascend the cloud filled stairs
The green door opens, I am bewildered
Being led inside by a delicate crane
Soft gentle wings stroke my arm
As we stroll along a continuous path
Such beauty everywhere
A glasslike pond I see ahead
Dancing frogs in top hat and tails
As they twirl and bow on the Lilly pads
So happy they are, to be dancing for me
Can’t help but feel special, to see such a spectacle
Baby birds scurry along, playing Hide and Seek
They cover themselves with the autumn leaves
Difficult to keep still or quiet, discovered immediately
Lady birds dancing in unison, smiling up at me
The trees gently sway, the leaves hum along
To a familiar song that I knew so long ago
The crane strokes my arm, so soft and gentle
As we meander along the endless path
Serenity surrounding me

As I awake to a new day
The green door looking at me
It all seemed so real
I can’t help but feel
A dream beyond a dream

CCon 24th April 2023

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