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Future – poetic expression

‘Future’ – where does the word take you? What does it say to you? What does it bring to you? What is it?

A concept about a time that is yet to be experienced. Often seen as an unknown, that is anticipated, yet often unaware it is upon us now, before our eyes.

Every now moment, was yesterday’s future and tomorrows past. So where did this take us in our expressions this week.

And where does it lead you? And where might that lead you… in the future?

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘moon’

Hope to see you there.


My future lies in the now,
in the power of the moment.
This is when I act on
my attention to my intentions.
I have done this many times in my past,
all those dreams and promises
I’d expressed to myself and others,
I’m afraid they never did last.
Most have dissolved, melted and failed,
into a wasteland of dry and spent words.
Like my marriage vows broken and forgotten.
Other goals falling short of expectations,
letting distractions override
all those beliefs, views, situations.
Leaving me with dissatisfaction.
There are those that came to fruition 
like saving plans, nest eggs, basic needs.
Day by day, month by month,
by chance luck or accident
year to year I’ve achieved.
I’ve also learnt to understand
my future has consequences,
some might call it providence,
that’s outside my control or influence.
And yet I will still strive and dream
Of how I want to see my future me
and achieve all my wants and needs.
Tomorrow the sun will rise in the east,
an indisputable undeniable fact
and I have no power to change that.
So with the sun at my back.
My shadow like my future, 
walking in front of my reality
gives me hope, a chance, a choice.
As I see ahead of me 
the sunset of possibilities.PJR    3.10.2022

The future

What couldn’t you see
What were you waiting for
What did you get from it
What led you astray?

Why didn’t you change
Why couldn’t you love
Why didn’t you care
Why didn’t you notice?

That I was bleeding
I was crying
I was broken
I was lost 

I wasn’t listened to… 
I wasn’t appreciated 
I wasn’t consulted
I wasn’t understood

And now 
Look at me now
Without you
Empty of life

Just as it is
Just as it was
Just like before
Just because… 

I am the future 

TLaB 2nd October 22

Super for the future

‘Super for the future’ 
Was the cry
Of the ex RBA governor
Giving us the why

‘The future of tomorrow today’
Another oft saying
To lure us in
Feeling good about buying

An example is technology
Like the phone
What does that mean
When you’re sitting alone
Staring at the screen

Can we really have the ‘future, today’?
When the design was at least a year old
and feels very different to what we are told

We landed a person on the moon 
in 1969
What have we been doing since then?
Pushing the boundaries
Of science and technology?
Or holding it back for the sake of profitology?
Where could we have got to by now
If we had applied ourselves 
To the care of all living things and the planet somehow?

The future can be about imagination
Where our ideas become beams
Of our passions and dreams

Of our hopes and heart-based response     
Where truly living and freedom to choose is valued
Rather than the current system where often only wealth is valid

We can live each moment fully and kindly
Until it is our last
Where the future could be shaped by our past


We are the future

How would it be to enjoy the day
Not to look back or forward
To just stay in the time,
I’m guessing it would feel sublime

What a relief not to ponder
On past mistakes , decisions made
Stress, happiness and tears
All our choices over the years
The mind can hit overdrive

How do we ponder ahead
Wish for this, hope for that
It hasn’t happened yet
The mind in cruise control
Let’s glide into tomorrow

Make of it the best you can
Not always easy to do 
Looking ahead, can be uplifting
Make of it what we will
Doesn’t require too much skill

Or does it?
Will it be better, will it be right
Really, how could one know
Feelings of no future, too hard to bear
Let’s remain in cruise control

Our time is an extension of the past
We live in the future, we are the future
The genius will pave the way
I strive to stay in the day

CCon 3rd October 22

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