Foot – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘foot’. So many things relate to a foot. Where does the word take you?
We enjoyed a play on words, and there were memories of loved ones. For some it was one foot in front of the other!
Combined with other words, there’s so many possibilities.
Reading my novel this week, I came across the word ‘footfall’! That was a new word for me, just incredible how it arrived this week!

Hope you enjoy this week’s collection.
The word next week is ‘stare’.
Let’s see where this goes!

Hope to see you there.

A Foot

listen to Peter’s poem here
A foot
There is a homophone afoot
similar sounding words
Sole and Soul swirling around
spinning my mind out of control
“if I have a sole on my foot
does that mean my soul should have a foot?”
PJR    4.12.2023


Finally you noticed me
I have supported you for so long
I’ve been through a lot
You’ve finally joined the dots
Those point shoes
Now that was tough
And those heavy landings
pretty rough
Not to say being squeezed in tight
Stilettos, how can that be right?
And then there was the 80 K trek
By jolly as if that didn’t wreck
My trust that you couldn’t see
That I was struggling in ways that came to be
A bunion, oh no
A very sore toe
No even worse
Arthritis, what a curse
So it’s nice now each day
You attend to me in a way
That shows you care
Though you wouldn’t dare
Because without me
You’re cooked
Loving regards,
Your foot
TLaBella 4th December 2023

Oh Dear!

Excitement in the household
My sister is having a baby
Hush is the word till it’s confirmed
What do I do? I blurt it all out
Before the week is through
When mum was turning sixty
Surprise party, a special gift
Concentrate, stay in the moment
Don’t tell a soul, I try so hard
What do I do before the week is through
In my excitement I blurt it all out
A trip to see our relatives
Don’t tell anyone, let it be a surprise
The day arrives, I’ve tried so hard
What did I do before the week was through?
Yes, I’ve ruined it again
Talk about foot and mouth disease
It follows me with the greatest of ease
Suddenly we arrive at the fair
Now why wasn’t I told??
CCon 4th December 2023

How to answer this big question

Growing up, we’ve always been asked by this big question
“What do you want to do in the future?”
At that time, I didn’t know the answer. 
So I had to pick up something that sounded fancy, “Well, I want to become a doctor, so I can save lives.”
3 years ago, I even became so desperate with this question.
I’ve been told that we all have different skills that only we can offer to this world, but I still didn’t know where my path was.
Luckily, I didn’t give up. 
I followed my curiosity instead.
Since I like music, I went to a local music festival,
Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival.
In order to save some money, I became an MC volunteer.
I put one foot at a time to take some action.
Then magic happened, I received a pleasant surprise.
The audience liked me.
They liked my warm and genuine side.
From there I became an MC for many other music festivals and started to even have some paid MC invitations.
Looking back, if I had thought too much,
worried too much,
or hesitated too much,
would all these have happened to me?
Would I have received a golden key for this big question if I had skipped all this exploration process?
I think we all know the answer.

I wanted to buy a vase.So I went to a shop and searched for a long time,
but, I still couldn’t find one that I liked in the end.
So an idea popped up.
I got home with a bottle of juice instead.
I used that glass container as my flowers’ home. 
Surprisingly, they looked amazing.
They had tiny purple and white petals, like starry stars.
And that transparent glass made their appearance stand out. 
So I could really focus and appreciate the sheer beauty of those flowers, 
their tranquil and pure souls.  
That reminded me of our humankind.
I’ve never been a fan of chasing fancy brands of clothes to decorate ourselves,
Because I believe what we need is just to find the right colour and style of clothes that we are vibe with,
and our spirits will take care of the rest.
They make us unique in the crowd.

XQZ 4th December 2023

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