Glass – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘glass’. Once again, just wonderful where the word led us.
This week some beautiful tales to enjoy. We saw things come to life, in an amazing way.
Lots of light, with patches of deep, made it another wonderful night of expression.
Hope you enjoy this week’s collection.
The word next week is ‘foot’.
Let’s see where this goes!
Hope to see you there.

Glass Figurine

listen to Peter’s poem here
The shop front was fairly bland
The signage easy to understand Curios collectables and glass figurines
A chance to find something I’ve never seen
A bell tinkled as I opened the door
Sandalwood incense pervaded the store
Rows of cabinets stood in line
Keeping the treasures from dust and grime
My attention rested on a collection of cats
Glass figurines attracting the muted light
Fascinating shadows dancing in and out of sight
Movement to my right reflected
On the cabinet glass doors
A women, kaftan flowing, crossed the floor
Stood at a respectful distance
And spoke with a smokers drawl
Those little figurines are pretty special
Each of them has a story to be told
My silence drifted on the dust motes
She seemed content to wait until I spoke
I pointed to a multi-coloured cat
And asked politely – how much is that?
Oh that little fella is really quite cheap
He’s been on that shelf for many a heart beat
She moved a little bit closer to touch my arm
I’ll let you have him for my very best price
Taking it from the shelf she placed it in my hand
I could feel it was warm and it felt really nice
At the counter it was wrapped and scanned
I have something else you might like
Your glass figurine comes with a living being
I wondered – what on earth does she mean?
Disappearing into a back room
Reappearing with a real small Tabby cat
If you want you can have this boy for free
I left that store that day with two lovely cats
They both share time on my window sill
The one full of life loves to sit on my lap
The other spends all it’s time sitting still
I no longer feel so alone
Since I bought that glass figurine
PJR    27.11.2023


 It was like glass
The day I looked into the lake
And saw my reflection
Transfixed by the suddenness
Of my ageing self
What was once vibrant and youthful
Looked subdued and reflective
While subtle traces of the person  I once was
Remained nestled in the cracks that  now appeared
I saw something else
I saw me
The me who is comfortable to see
Beyond the outer shell
And feel the depth and stature of my shrinking posture
Realizing my place in the cycle from beginning to end
Quite liberating to let go
No longer on show
Rather free to roam
To soar
And do what I adore
Free at last
No attachment to the past
Just a pulse
A heart beat
Taking it all in
TLaBella th November 2023

Today is Today

As I peer through the looking glass
A reflection of fauna and trees
Humming as they enjoy the cool breeze
The rabbits frolicking through the woods
They meet up with the birds
as they splash them from their bath
They all have a giggle and a laugh
Oh look the leap frogs are out and about
Showing off as the turtles yawn
The gnats hover over the water
The spiders peer out from the hanging vines
As the trumpet plant begins to play
Joined by nasturtiums, cactus and pines
Is that a violin? an orchestra begins,
What a magical way to spend a day
Daisy’s singing in harmony
Joined by the soft camellias
The spiders creep down
As we all gather around
To another moment of pure grandeur
I stumble, the glass is shattered
No matter, a new one will follow
I wonder what I will see tomorrow?
CCon 27th November 2023

What do you think of this vase?

I wanted to buy a vase.So I went to a shop and searched for a long time,
but, I still couldn’t find one that I liked in the end.
So an idea popped up.
I got home with a bottle of juice instead.
I used that glass container as my flowers’ home. 
Surprisingly, they looked amazing.
They had tiny purple and white petals, like starry stars.
And that transparent glass made their appearance stand out. 
So I could really focus and appreciate the sheer beauty of those flowers, 
their tranquil and pure souls.  
That reminded me of our humankind.
I’ve never been a fan of chasing fancy brands of clothes to decorate ourselves,
Because I believe what we need is just to find the right colour and style of clothes that we are vibe with,
and our spirits will take care of the rest.
They make us unique in the crowd.

XQZ 27th November 2023

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