Escape (Poetic Expression)

Escape (Poetic Expression)

Chatting about the week ahead, there was a mention about an event being held at The Escape Room. It got us talking about it and from there, this week’s word ‘escape’ emerged. It’s amazing how a conversation flows, and how one thing leads to another. That’s the beauty of conversation.

It’s the space where we face and explore new things, that open our hearts and minds, and highlights new ways of seeing, feeling and doing differently.

What a great way to grow and develop and move from what in the past may be holding us at ransom!

And to bring out the creativity within, by following a feeling about a word or topic. So where does the word escape take you? Is it  where to escape, your dreams about escape or your wishes to escape?

Each week, we are certainly experiencing the expanding creativity and capabilities, some of which we hardly knew existed! And we are also developing more understanding on putting words to paper to express something within us.


A little bug caught in a glass
Which way will he turn
Up, down around and around
Exhausted, there’s nowhere to go

The day has passed
Curled up for the night
So tired to carry on
Too spent to confront till the morn

Oh! So glaring through the glass
Morning has arrived
Is that a finger he can see
Is it a dream?

Startled and bewildered
He crawled with all his might
Must make it to the end
Felt some warmth, a new surface

In amazement he can’t believe
Being lowered into a garden
The feel of family and friends
With help, he has escaped

CCon 6th Dec ’21


Take me away
Escape from my mind

To that somewhere fine
Where life feels sublime

Under the bed covers
‘The stationery shop’

Netflix abduction
Star Trek seduction

Scrolling FaceBook
Travelling numb

Bird watching with glee
No other place to be

Guitar composition
Just a delight

An ocean blue
The wind’s might

Unlock the gate
Animals release

No more rage
Stashed in the cage

Free to roam
Can go it alone

And choose the road
Sensors slowed

Change the pace
Move from the rat race

Run, run, run

Now is that called fun

Do we dare,
let’s prepare…

For the great escape 

TLaB 6th Dec ’21

Unique escape.

My mother bore me
on the underside of a leaf
and there I consumed
all that I could eat.

From leaf to leaf I roamed.
Then I knew my time had come,
for me to find a new home.

A protected place,
from birds above.

Time to weave and spin.
For my new life to begin.
Darkness all around.

Weak images appearing,
blinking on and off.
Edges, ghosting, fading.

Forming new memories,
of how I’ll be behaving.

With my body inside out,
my transformation comes about.

It’s time for me to fly away
where in my altered state
my new beginning awaits
this is my unique escape

PJR    6.12.2021


I must get away
I am rushing
Time is running out
The adrenaline is pumping
I might get caught
My heart is pumping, banging through my chest
Will I get away?
What about the others?
Is there a trail?

I must focus
Boom boom
I am falling

— Ba-Boom —
— Ba-Boom —

— Ba-Boom —

I hit the floor…
After falling out of bed …

What about those who need or want to escape?
From abuse…
From what they are in…
From what they are experiencing…
Their life…

What does escape look like?
Is it vegging, or virtual living?

Some feel happy
when they have thought of the how
Particularly when it means the end

So, why do we often believe that
there is no escape
That we stay where we are
Even when we cannot be all of ourselves

Even when it is hard or feels uphill
When we are unhappy for any reason
When we carry past hurts or burdens
We live deluded, believing it will get better

When we do the ‘shoulds’,
feel the guilts
For too long…

Maybe escape has not occurred to us
Escaping to be free
To be ourselves
To freely and truly choose

To let go of the past
This escape, is our right
That we can keep in sight

So we really live
And freely give

Hmm ‘escape’, ‘leaving’, ‘moving on’, ‘being free’…maybe a good ‘right’ to practice?


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